Who Is Your Favourite Artists And Why? (Photos)

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Day by day, the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood), keeps revealing new talents which has stylishly pushed some old talents into other businesses and as such, are no longer relevant as they used to be.

The big deal about entertainment isn't about having the dreams, it's about getting into the groove.
World over, getting to establish oneself as a celebrity, is not as easy as sitting in a cinema hall or event places, watching another entertainer unveiling his skills. Many entertainers who started without connections made many sacrifices, many succeeded, yet some didn't.

Up and coming actors and actresses, earns up to N100.000 to 500.000 while already established ones earn up to N5 million. The earning is not exclusively through acting or music.

These celebrities earn more even from endorsement and sponsorships. Corporate organizations, business brands always use popular faces to market their products. And that means a great deal to you as an actor who knows his job, who people like.

As a consequence of the exploits of our film stars, we now have a new generation of celebrities. What Nollywoodgists.com wants to know is which of these celebs has added values to fans either directly or indirectly?© 2014Nollywoodgists.com