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Akosua Adjepong ends 20th anniversary in style

By Reagan odei ofosu
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It was all full of surprises at the Accra International Conference center as Akosua together with highlife and gospel heroes and heroine took the audience by storm with outstanding performances to mark Akosua's 20 years in the music industry over the weekend.

At exactly 6pm all guests including heroes and heroine from the high life and gospel world were highly welcomed with a red carpet reception.The auditorium was also filled with people from all walks of life and were already enjoying some tunes from the wind Afrique band.The stage now got rolling with artiste who were gifted with inspirational voices and can move the crowed when it comes to stage performances.

DSP Kofi Sarpong with a wonderful performance, got the audience standing and dancing with "onyame otonko, remember your first love and other tracks which the audience couldn't resist dancing and screaming their hearts out in joy and excitement.

Audience also enjoyed other spectacular performances from the likes of Tagoe sisters, A.B Crenstil, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, King David and many others who in their own way did everything as legends of high life music and gospel music to spice up the ceremony to make the night a red letter day.

To those who thought Akosua was the only one who can sing and dance in her family, it was a big surprise when Stephanie Benson, a sister to the diva Akosua Adjepong took the stage by storm with her superb voice and in international style.Her style on stage,the moves, the dance, the voice tells it all how the family is gifted with the act of singing and dancing.

The event was filled and packed with rich Ghanaian high life music and gospel songs which audience enjoyed to the fullest. To some of them, it was surprising as to how A.B Crenstil rocked the stage since they perceived he was getting old and might be weak."

the man is not getting weak. he is really strong and I've enjoyed his performance. To me, Ambolley has always being in his elements and David was not bad at all. I strongly agree with Ekuba and David Dontoh, in fact we have to mention high life music and gospel music as one of the natural resources the country has because it's unique in the whole of Africa." a fan stated.

Ekuba and David Dontoh were also in their elements as Mc's for the night and gave audience the best to add more colour to the night.Akosua was introduce on stage for the first time and this time she gave audience something new from her new album.

She was no other Akosua than the same diva Akosua Adjepong Ghanaians have known in the past years. With her cracking moves and unique voice, she kept audience on their feet with her inspirational and dancing tunes.

Akosua appeared again on the stage for the second time and this time she took Ghanaians back to her hay days when she got dancing with the magingo dancers in a wonderful chorography.Doing her hit tracks "frema" and the likes got the auditorium on fire when everyone was upstanding and screaming with delight.

Her new album was also launched to the people and it was unbelievable how her fans jumped in for her CD's. After the launch and Akosua's performance, the NAKOREX, lead by Rex Omar was introduce to the stage to give audience the last of high life tunes and also take them through the last part of the programme but unfortunately for the fans there was a sudden power outbreak. This outbreak occurred immediately Rex Omar took the microphone, came back after some few minutes and went back again after audience waited patiently when the first one occurred.The second outbreak got the audience leaving the auditorium living the award segment of the show as the organizers promised.