Behold! Top 10 Beautiful Queens Behind Nigerian Comedy Kings (Photos)

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Behold! Top Ten Beautiful Queens Behind Nigerian Comedy Kings
In Nigeria, comedians seem to have made their mark as being the most romantic people on earth who deliberately chose strikingly beautiful women as wives. To many of them, they found their love at the early stages of their career, either among super models contesting for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria or among exceptionally gorgeous ladies paraded as ushers in classy events. Indeed, they all end up stealing the hearts of damsels, more easily than other men, including their colleagues in different genre of entertainment.
Let's face it: comedians are witty, famous, and have also become wealthy, a reason most Nigerians believe women-gorgeous women-easily admire and embrace them for romantic relationships, which always metamorphoses into marriage.
Conspicuously, the 'un-seriousness' that tends to trail these comedians is however not seen in their choice of spouses as they seem to wash their eyes properly before selecting a better half.
In this carefully selected list, unveils the pretty queens of comedy kings and stories behind their love lives. If you've ever wondered who these comedians married and fell in love with, wonder no more. Indeed, when it comes to having beautiful women around, these humour merchant seem to be rocking the world with tall, curvy, and pretty women!

Mabel Makun (AY's wife)
She can aptly be described as a 'paragon of beauty'. Cute and curvy, Mabel Makun is the woman who stole popularly comedian, Ayo Makun's heart. The humour merchant met Mabel at the Delta State University, Abraka, when he was organizing a beauty pageant for the students and Mabel was one of the contestants.
Apart from wining a good prize in the keenly contested pageant, Mabel also won the comedian's heart. Unable to resist her alluring beauty, AY took the bull by the horn and in less distant time, a romantic dalliance kicked off. Expectedly, on the November 29, 2008, the Household of God Church was swathed in Turquoise Blue and Gold colour as Ayo and Mabel came together to solemnize their union.
'I love my wife and her legs trip me a whole lot. One of the reasons I married her was because of her fine legs,' AY earlier confessed. “I could hold claim to nursing two babies in the house on a daily basis because AY is a born attention seeker,” Mabel revealed to Motherhood In-Style Magazine.
Mabel has also incessantly been accused of dressing provocatively with the aim of attracting media attention, especially as she graces major red carpets with her hubby.
Indeed, with her hard to overlook physique, this mother of one gets all the attention she deserves-both in and outside the home. When it comes to showing off, AY likes doing this with the woman he considers the prettiest in the world, a reason he doesn't joke with her!

Ibiere Balema MacClayton (Julius Agwu's wife)
She is a pretty queen of another comedy king, Julius Agwu. “She's not only beautiful, she is also intelligent. We connected immediately. She combines beauty and brain. I realise she's something different,” the Rivers State-born ace comedian revealed in a recent chat.
“I met her at a wedding in Port-Harcourt in the year 2000. She was part of the bridal train. My mind was blown away when I sighted her. Thereafter, we became friends. Somehow, we lost contact with each other and later, met again in 2002. The rest is history. We got married in 2008. Though we do quarrel, the most important thing is that I have decided to spend the rest of my life with her, for better and for worse until death do us apart,” Agwu further enthused.
“I'm not scared about female fans snatching him from me; instead, he should be the one to be scared. If he allows them to do so, that means he doesn't belong to me,” Ibiere said in a recent interview.
Tall, gorgeous and introverted, Ibiere holds a Masters degree in Oil and Gas from Robert Gordon University, Scotland. “My husband can be funny but at the same time, he's annoying. He knows how to get me annoyed. I really do not know what attracted me to him. We were friends for a while, before we later got married,” Ibiere said.
Julius and Ibiere are both proud indigenes of Rivers State and their union which was solemnized after about eight years of dating is that of 'laughter meets beauty union.”

Elsie Uzoma (Basketmouth's wife)
“At first, I was like, 'is this guy for real?' but when I saw the serious look on his face, I knew he wasn't joking and I thought 'Oh my goodness, how do I handle a celebrity?' I would say my attraction to him was based on the utmost admiration for his talent. Yet I gave him a tough time while he was wooing me. Well, it was a girl's thing then to give a guy a hard time. Also for me, I just wanted to know how far he could go, if he really was sincere. Besides, I was not so sure about falling for and dating a celebrity,” The pretty Elsie who is currently a director in Basketmouth's company revealed.
Speaking on how he met and married the pretty woman, the ace comedian avowed: “I was promoting my very first show in front of her hostel. She strolled past and said 'Basketmouth, I love your jokes' and walked on. She did not make wooing easy. She started by giving me a wrong telephone number and eventually when I got her real number, she was a bit rude and dismissive. Meanwhile, I had assumed that because I was Basketmouth, I would get a better treatment but it just did not work with her. I used all my skills and with an enormous level of communal efforts from my friends. She broke up with me like three weeks after we started dating. I admit, I messed up, learnt my lesson, and had to start all over again. She was a tough nut to crack and right now, I do not regret putting every part of me into making us work.”
From the day they met, he knew that he had found someone special and on Saturday, November 6, 2010, a romance that began in 2003 was solemnized as Bright Okpocha married his sweetheart Elsie Uzoma in glamorous style.

Olajumoke Olapade (MC Abbey's wife)
As a former Miss Gateway Beauty Pageant contestant, Olajumoke is a beauty to behold! Indeed, it was same beauty that 'magnated' her to comedian and show business personality, Abiodun Olapade, popularly known as MC Abbey.
MC Abbey also testifies to her stunning beauty: “I met my wife during the Miss Gateway Beauty Pageant in which she participated and was the second runner-up. Ali Baba and I were the anchormen that day. I was at the back stage and she just struck me. I was attracted by her beauty. Her beauty immediately struck me and I fell for her.
“Then I was still squatting and I told her everything; but I kept telling her where I was going to. I kept telling her I knew I would be great and that I would give her a good home. And she believed in me”

Tobi Banjoko (Teju Babyface's wife)
Tall, curvy and hot are the three words that best describes super model and ex beauty Queen, Tobi Banjoko, Teju Babyface's wife. Among other qualities, her beauty was irresistible and real reason comedian-cum-on-air personality, Teju Oyelakin popularly known as Teju Babyface picked her as wife.
“I had always said that the woman I would marry would be one who would be very beautiful. I met Tobi for the first in 2008. We were holding an audition for ushers. I wanted to have a show, my 2008 show that was tagged “Comedy Meets Class”. So, we wanted classy ushers. And at the time she was on her last ushering leg. I can remember I walked into a room filled with about 40 hot women. And she just hooked my eyes immediately. That was the first time I met her,” Teju Babyface revealed.
Then after about four years of dating, the portable sized humour merchant, on September 1, 2012 walked down the aisle with the former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria contestant in an elaborate wedding ceremony held at Chapel of Christ The Light (Interdenominational) Church, Ikeja, Lagos.

Chinwe Anyawu (Elenu's wife)
“Where and how do comedians come about their exceptionally beautiful wives?”This was the question on the lips of most Nigerians who on June 15, 2013 graced the wedding ceremony of Comedian Akinlami Babatunde Julius, popularly known as Elenu.
As also revealed by the popular comedian, beauty was the first attraction. Unable to resist the Imo state-born damsel, he took Chinwe-after three years of romantic affairs- to a dinner at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Sunday, October 21 2012, alongside friends. Romantically, when the waiter brought Chinwe's plate of food, Elenu had a ring ready. And she said yes!
The couple now has a son to show for their love and wonderful union.

Ebere Cham (Seyi Law's wife)
“The way she laughs attracted me to her. I remember it was in September 30, 2007, at Global Impact Church, Surulere that I met her for the first time. I was invited to perform and when I looked across the hall, there was this lady laughing her heart out and very jovial too. That caught my attention. She was genuinely happy, calm and excited too. I saw all that before I went on stage to perform.
“After performing, I was leaving with my friend Emeka Smith, a comedian, when the same lady walked up to me and said 'I love your confidence on stage. I am just seeing you for the first time and your confidence is out of this world'. I thanked her and we exchanged numbers. Fortunately for me, she was waiting for a cab with her friend like I was, so I got a cab that took us all. The cab dropped them at home, while my friend and I continued our own journey home. We just clicked. It was a match made in heaven,” the comedian who tied the knot on March 27, 2011 disclosed.

Stella Abulu (I Go Dye's wife)
Top Nigerian comedian, Francis Agoda, popularly known as 'I Go Dye' is another comedian who succeeded in marrying a former beauty queen, Stella Abulu.
Stella is an ex beauty queen and Face of Edo 2008. They both met at one of her charity events where I Go Dye was a guest. “She is like my life,” the comedian once said.

Christabel Ugboma (Bovi's wife)
“Beautiful women are my biggest temptation!” ace comedian Ugboma Bovi, popularly known as Bovi once confessed. And as expected, he ended up marrying a woman who could also be described as a paragon of beauty. They are blessed with two lovely kids; a boy and a girl.

Lillian Igwemba (Klint Da Drunk's wife)
Lillian is the pretty woman rocking the world of popular comedian-cum-actor, Afaemena Igwemba, popularly known as Klint da Drunk. Without mincing words, Lillian is one woman almost every man would always desire taking a second look at. Even after two kids, she is still a beauty to behold. The love birds have been married for seven years.