Singer, Di'ja Needs To Learn How To Pronounce Words……Charles Novia

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actor, producer, director, social critique, Charles Novia, recently, has been receiving the bang from his consistent critiques of other Nigerian celebrities with the latest from Nollywood's actress, Chika Ike's manager, Serah Donald.

Charles who is never bothered by such abusive response or feedbacks, still kept his head high as he continues to look for lacunas that ignored by any of these celebs.

The recent released video of 'ADAOBI' by the Mavin crew, has been receiving massive airplay both within and outside the country and Charles Novia, has continued to monitor the artistic job put together by Don Jazzy in the delivery of the video.

According to the Nollywood producer, “I watched the ADAOBI video by the Mavin Ensemble and @DONJAZZY. Quite a huge improvement from Dorobucci video. Well executed. Thumbs up!

The video is earthy, African and the visuals match the pulsating beats. There was visible excitement in the faces of all the artists.

That Korede Bello dude has huge screen charisma. He exudes something innocent yet confident. Matched with his talent, he's one to watch
Something naughty but charming in the near-sneer of Di'ja. She could work more on her pronunciations in songs. She has great promise.

It's that Reekado Banks fella I still can't put a finger on his style. He seems to force himself to please in videos. Not natural enough

And the Girl who plays Adaobi in the video? Who is she, please? Such powerful screen presence! If she can act, she's got a role by me!

Kudos to the Director of the Adaobi video. I see the humility of @DONJAZZY in promising to correct the flaws of Dorobucci video worked

My scores: Concept: 6/10 Originality: 6/10 Choreography 7/10 Cinematography 8/10 Directing 8/10 Ensemble Performance 5/10. Well done,” he concluded.