By Benjamin Atu

The Chairman of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Dr Mrs Ngozi Olejeme has describe members of the upper and lower chamber of the National assembly as credible personality who represent the collective interest of Nigerians. Dr Olejeme who is a frontline governorship aspirant in Delta State, stated this in an enlarge political gathering at separate venue in Asaba while explaining her numerous achievement in the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund. (NSITF) Olejeme said her achievement was facilitated by members of the National Assembly who massively support the social security scheme and it implimentation in every part of the country. She commended the president of the senate Senator David Mark for his cooperation in ensuring that Nigerians also benefit from social services that is obtainable in developed Nations.

The Employee Compensation Scheme that is currently yielding benefit to Nigerians who have key into the system became possible via the massive support by members of the National Assembly. The action of the national assembly have shown that the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan, is beyond infrastructural development but human capital development as well as putting deliberate effort in ensuring that every Nigerians is able to put food on their table on a daily basis and have a direct benefit of been a Nigerian. That is what the new social security Act is all about. It will give all Nigerians a sense of belonging to a nation. God has used our president to make many impossibility to be possible. The only way to sustain all these benefit is to ensure continuity of the Jonathan's administration.

On the date of implementation of the social security scheme the Chairman NSITF Dr Ngozi Olejeme said the process of harmonization of the Social security Bill is currently ongoing by the two chambers of the national assembly. Once the process is complemented, staff of the NSITF will be seen in every compound, every gate and every street to collect the datas of all the unemployed graduate all over the nation in order for them to benefit from the effort of government in ensuring that all unemployed graduate are paid salary until he or she is gainfully employ. That is the dream of President Jonathan for all Nigerians. we need to support him and vote him as our president in 2015 so that all these laudable scheme can be implemented through the NSITF. This is what God has used me to achieve for the benefits of all Nigerians.

The change and innovations that God has use me to achieve in Nigeria, I want to replicate them in Delta State as the first elected female governor in 2015. I am in the governorship race to win. I am not in the race to use my ambition as a platform form negotiation. It is a command from God that I should go and become the next governor of Delta state. I have serve humanity as a vessel and I am offering myself once again to serve at this new level as a governor. This will help me to impact more lives and attract the much needed development and federal presence to Delta state. Our Governor has tried, he has done his best but I am coming to improve on his effort and do better than he has done. It is the desire of every parent to see their children do better than them. I will build and develop upon the foundation of Delta beyond oil initiative of the current administration Olejeme said.

From Benjamin Atu
Media Aide
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