The Demonic Caucus.


Eerie happenings  and glaring evidence in Nigeria today have shown or put differently gives us none other than   the most compelling hypothesis explaining the interconnected crimes, lies, and human slaughter occurring in our land especially in the north   that  is now methodically destroying  lives and property. The main goal of the caucus  you know as well as I know is  to consolidate political, economic, and social power in its hands while obliterating the minds of the masses to establish a militaristic, fascist organisations.

How else do we explain the position of  these ideological extremists at the end of the political spectrum? How again do we explain  this secret caucus who is  working against the best  interest of Nigerians and Nigeria  and probably conspiring with other mercenaries around the world to unleash terror on us?  A good number of  Nigerians  long for the truth and if they do ever know what the demonic caucus is doing to us they would be chased down the streets with sticks and cutlasses.

The mainstream opposition – the All Progressives  Congress –  although very small  with  its harmful influence on  Nigerians  often deny their crying misdeeds  -  an open secret that is bringing Nigeria to its kneels. It is not in dispute that their members especially the inner caucus  are bereft of  military or monastic discipline. It has become a growing empire where the strong destroy the weak and that is the kind of leadership they want to introduce by hook or by  crook  but it is not very clear how far they can go under the existing circumstances.  We doubtless  have  lived through trying periods  in our nation's history  and have obviously become wiser  as  communities of men and women , we often have to stand their grounds refusing to be taken in by the antics and propaganda of the demonic caucus  in order to attain their ideals.

However,  labelling   this caucus  as “demonic,”  is not to stir up trouble ,  civil  strife,  hatred,  worries or acute sense of grief  and despondency .  I stand firm  in my  conviction  that this caucus  has seized control of our lives  and we need to face them   squarely and get on with the business  and throw these pack of egotistical nincompoops out of the window   with a view to bringing  about fundamental change in our political and economic structures from capitalism to commonwealth, from plutocracy to true democracy. We should not simply sit about idly theorizing or smiling at the devastation of human lives  in our country. This sad situation calls for swift  action and therefore  we ought to act now before the proverbial Rubicon is crossed.

Many lives have doubtless been lost  and many more  are on the line , it therefore behoves us to dig deep and see the tribe of men whose faces are behind the mask  , the mercenaries employed with their ill-gotten gains that are hell-bent on  bringing  about the destruction of our country. Today we see a man who is God-sent  , who has transmuted into a lone ranger in the struggle to to bring about the desired change – a change we thought could never be in Nigeria , a change that has  not involved blood-letting like such    cleansing that was  carried out by Ghana's J. J Rawlings, a change that will make firebrand revolutionaries moronic  , a change that has   exposed  and annihilated  self-styled grandees and even had  other self-acclaimed kings and princes ultimately  bastardized before one and all.

The horrible tyranny  created nearly thirty-one years  ago by one of the prime movers of this demonic caucus is still fresh on the minds  of Nigerians. He was a power unto himself from whom others worked , by retro-active laws he committed sensational murders for which he ought to be standing trial today under normal conditions. Many a time he arrogated power to himself and felt superior to over 170 million Nigerians when he was called upon by a panel set up by former President Olusegun Obasanjo  to look into gross human  right abuses and   violations at the time.

Today, I sit hand on chin wondering how short our memory is or how forgetful our people could be. In spite of the  glaring evidence against these homo-sapiens who are none other than a   pack  of anti-progress   calling to mind their reprehensible actions at different points in time I wonder why some of us still choose to be   controlled or subjected to their diabolic  whims and caprices seeing that their  sole aim is  to further  aggrandize themselves and  their demonic caucuses.

Wrote Victor Marchetti  of the American Central Intelligence  Agency (CIA) “There exists in our world today a powerful and dangerous secret cult. This cult is patronized and protected by the highest level government officials in the world. Its membership is composed of those in the power centres of government, industry, commerce, finance, and labour. It manipulates individuals in areas of important public influence – including the academic world and the mass media. The Secret Cult is a global fraternity of a political aristocracy whose purpose is to further the political policies of persons or agencies unknown. It acts covertly and illegally”

In their bid to wrestle power the states they control have been reduced to nothingness as their chief executives regularly remit funds to the Bourdilon Overlord  in Ikoyi , Lagos with which he builds financial empires and republics leaving the people lonely, hungry , frightened and consequently pauperised.  Fortunately or unfortunately he has half of Lekki axis to his name  with over a billion naira  benefits accruing  to him monthly. With such huge amount of money coming  in  there is obviously more than enough to bankroll their military campaign that is telling gravely on the population  of Nigeria via insurgency , militancy and the like. ( I stand corrected here.)  Eerie happenings have in deed  shown that the Islamist militants that  have  resolved to make the country ungovernable for President Jonathan are  even more brutal than  Asian barbarians, as they possess much more effective means for a massive human genocide. It is no more news that the on-going insurgency is  being financed by some  sympathizers  and high-ups. We could still recall where Kabiru  Sokoto  was eventually  swooped on soon after the mayhem and total destruction  that killed many defenceless and unsuspecting civilians sometime ago. This dreaded terrorist , we have it on good authority ,  was apprehended by Nigeria's security operatives at Borno State Governor's Lodge in Abuja, the nation's capital. 

In symbolic logic , there is always a necessary connection between two objects – A & B. Hence , readers there is no denying the existence of  ”this necessary connection” between  Kabiru Sokoto and where the world was told  he was apprehended by our secret police  and this  speaks volumes to every one.

Iyoha John Darlington , aka Lington Donovan writes from Turin, Italy.

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