Some Female Entertainers Think They Are Wife Materials—Marvellous Benjy

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Popular Nigerian dancehall singer, Benjamin Ukueja aka Marvellous Benjy, has surely made his mark in the Nigerian music industry and the way younger artistes are taking the industry across border would certainly excite him.

The singer, giving reasons for his long absence from the scene, explained that he has been trying to create some rich lyrical contents aimed at passing meaningful messages across to the people, rubbing the belief that he has left the industry that got him fame.

Benjy noted that he has a couple of tracks to be released soon like 'Fine Girl', 'Bad Character' and 'Sabi Dance', which he did to correct the attitudes of some ladies in the industry who do not possess the qualities of a good wife, believing that beauty is all they need to get a husband.

Analyzing the music industry, the singer applauded the rapid growth in the industry, but hinted that the Ajegunle artistes have been abandoned without putting into consideration the amount of talents based in that locality.

He added that people in Ajegunle are less privileged and do not have enough resources to push their music which is why some of them are still not known.