Producer Odera and Nollywood Bug

By Okekelo Ephraim

Old habits they say die hard. Forgery and fabrication is one of Mr Stanley Chirah's many handiworks. Yes the man who now calls himself Mazi Odera aka APGA Alaigbo is well known to me because our parts crossed in Secondary School but he unfortunately dropped-out at Class three. He specializes in concocting and fabricating things even personal letters and programmes to suit his warped mind. I noticed that he has caught the Nollywood bug. For some time now resorted to creating his idea of a programme for the Office of the Executive Governor of Anambra State. How daring? He obviously learnt a lot from his job description under the Peter Obi government as the lowest in rank of the attack dogs.

Yes the young man who calls himself Mazi Odera is so daring and has no scruples implying all manner of things that suits his childish mind-set as what he assumes the Governors' programme for the day may contain to confuse the gullible. His common refrain now is to associate the exulted Office of our Governor with the video “Peters & Denials”- a public document on various sites accessible to all who wish to watch.

As we all know our able Governor is very busy and focused at matters of the state and therefore cannot be distracted. Odera! Odera! Odera! Pickin wey say in mama no go sleep…Get busy and make your father proud for once! I know you respect nobody but Akpokuodike is not your mate and can never be. If you want to do Nollywood go ahead at least you can get a role in Waka pass.

Written by Okekelo Ephraim from Obosi in Idemili North LGA

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