By Fodio Ahmad

It has been quite unhelpful in regards to the Governorship aspirants in Niger North. The politicking is in a toxic phrase, and so the hunger is out there naked. The PDP Zoning in the state is ripe for Zone C to mantle the highest political seat in Niger state come 2015, but the poke nosing of politicians from the two other Zones has made credible decision still a mirage.

Chief Servant sir, to those that mean and wish our dear state, Niger State well decided to coin the 2015 general elections as the 'DEFINING MOMENT'. Yes! the defining moment. It is deeply lamentable that the speculations and even the body language of this administration clearly shows that such an administration of 'servant leadership' did have much greater interest and concern to who succeed it.

With so much regards to your office, as the chief security officer of Nigerlites, we the voice of the electorates decides to communicate through this medium to call unto your attention some few but very important factors that cannot be taken for granted. The sorry condition of the electorates has become our eye opener, so there is the need for you sir, to balance between your personal interest, political fears and worries and that of the electorates. It is also very important Mr. Chief Servant to caution those not from Niger North to stay miles away from crucial decisions of this nature.

One is tempted to ask, why should an outgoing government 'by force, by fire' wants to make sure, it plant a choice of candidate ? The answer to such a question cannot be far away from a saying by a legislator, who said “Politicians that have failed their people through the misuse of power are always scared of the unknown fates that will befall them after they must left office, so they will want to select a successor to cover their mess”. We the Voice of the electorates wants to believe that the Chief Servant is no such a politician, which is even the major reason we don't at the moment want to believe the rumors flying the Niger state political airwaves that the Chief Servant is trying to impose the candidature of Alhaji Umar nasko.

We told the Niger North to remain calm over such an undemocratic act and abuse of power 'hear say', because we believe it cannot be true, but if at all it is close to truth, then it is becoming more obvious and clearer that such an act will eventually throw the must peaceful state in Nigeria (Niger State) into deeper delirium as it is already doing in Niger North Senatorial District.

The truth wears no mask, so the process at which the Zone C will produce the next Governor sees no obstacle, not even from the rumors of the involvements of the out going government. Sir, we are saying this because the innate passion to deliver a credible governor from Niger North sees every obstacle as a spring board which means it is a Zero tolerance to the attitudes of those persons interfering from the outside arena. As a concern body, we strongly enjoined the Chief Servant to make open on air the succession of the Governorship seat to all aspirants vying under the People's Democratic Party. The aspirants should receive equal treatments from the Chief Servant.

According to Otive Igbuzor PhD, Executive Director African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development (Centre LSD), during his paper presentation at the policy dialogue organized by the African centre for leadership, strategy & development on 27th January, 2010 at Denis hotel Abuja, “Some scholars assert that everything rises and falls on wings of leadership but Political leadership is crucial for the effective functioning and development of every nation. The issue of political succession is therefore of strategic importance. Meanwhile, it is very clear that the challenge of succession is a universal one affecting all sectors of society.

What has been affecting our political stability and development is the selfish interest attached to succession”, the Chief Servant we believe knows better than us. Imposing and interfering with the procedure of producing the next governor in Niger state, we see as a threat to the peace and unity of Niger.

Hopefully, this will help to clarify some of the knotty issues bordering on speculations and rumors in the quest of seeking to rebuild our leadership belief; it is paramount to allow nature takes its place when transferring power come 2015. A word they say is enough for the wise.

Thank you.
Voice of the Electorates