14 People Are Thrown Into The Depths of Aguleri Forest [Pictures]

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

High Drama As 14 People Are Thrown Into The Depths of Aguleri ForestOn #GUSTheMission

14 young people were taken from their normal lives to survive 30days in a forest. One by one they will fall to the wayside as the tasks get more difficult until only one remains.

The contestants in the jungle were paired up on day 1. The random draw which resulted in very interesting match ups, saw some pairs comprising of only girls and others mixed.

Where some pairs instantly bonded, others did not, like Sandra and Chinedu who could be seen at each other's throats.

Winners of each task were awarded with points. Samantha and her partner Sharon who had consistently been last during the first 3 games finally won their first task in Episode 7

Surprisingly, after 7 days the top of the leaderboard was held by an all-female team, Evi and Noela

Limited resources coupled with clash of personalities are both ingredients that spark high drama, so it was only a matter of time before toes were stepped on and accusations were made

Barely three days into their stay, Noela, Sandra, Ikenna I, Emmanuel and Joshua went at one another over "missing mats and stolen meat"

And the drama is only just beginning!