Ebola: Minister Says U.S Deceived Nigeria With Failed Promises

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Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu has lashed out at the American

government for making a failed and what was seen a deceitful promise to

assist Nigeria with 30 walk through body temperature detector .

The Minister made the disclosure today at  High level expert meeting on

Ebola Virus Disease in Abuja  organized by the Ministry of Health and

Treatment Research Group on Ebola Virus Disease (TRG).

Chukwu said that instead of the American government fulfilling her

promise, the American Ambassador  James F Entwistle decided to donate hand

held infrared thermometer as against  it's earlier promise

The American Ambassador to Nigeria James F Entwistle had  during the the

fight against Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria said the American government

will provide Nigeria.
But this was not the case according the Minister of Health who disclose

that ” Nigeira is still awaiting the American government to make good it's

promise by delivering the 30 walk – through temperature detector  scanners

” immediately the American ambassador made the promise of donating 30 walk

through body temperature  scanners when he visited my office here in

Abuja, I quickly  informed Mr President so that he can commend the

American government for the gesture but unfotunaly, the American

government has not fulfilled their promise.
” I had recently reminded the ambassador his promise but he said there was

a diplomatic miss information but whatever the case, I told that Nigeria

is still expecting the 30 body temperature scanners ” noting that ”

America is too big a country not to fulfill a promise of this magnitude.

The Health Minister stated that the Dangote Foundation is making

available 12 Walk through Body temperature scanner while another group

also promised to dote 12 body scanners all by the end of this month -

” we are very hopeful we will get 24 walk – trough tempreture detector

scanners which we hope to install in our airports and major entry points .

And we will also install the 30 scanners in most of our land boarders if

and when the American government makes  real their promise to Nigeria ”

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