Real Truth Why Nigerian Celebrities Are Turning To Politicians- MONEY + FAME!!!


I don't speak for popularity, I speak my mind and my mind is the voice of truth and always play out accordingly. Now listen to egosentrik below:

For the past few years, Nigerian actors and actresses have turned to politics for extra money and fame.

Example; Nkiru Sylvanus (Imo State Govt), Okey Bakassi (Imo State Govt), Bob Manuel Udokwu (Anambra state Govt), RMD(Delta State Govt) and many more.

Recently, Desmond Elliot (actor), Kate Henshaw(actress),9ice(musician), Tony Tetuila(musician) and many more have declared their interests in Nigerian politics come 2015 Elections.

I ask myself, what do these Fame and money seekers want? and yes all they want is more FAME and more MONEY!!!!! Unfortunately, Nigerian voters think with their heads upside down. What political experience and qualifications do these people have to Lead us???? Why not focus on pushing Nollywood and Nigerian music out there to global recognition? Very soon Don Jazzy will join politics and that will really put me off because he needs to validate Nigerian music to the world and he is doing so well at the moment, going into politics, he will loose my respect.

Back to my annoyance on Nigerian celebrities rushing into politics. You lot behave like headless chickens, running from this to that. At some point all these actors/actresses started rushing into music, maybe that's where the money is…and no it is not, they rushed back to acting. But unfortunately for them, some young rascals without talents stormed our movie industry because producers either collect money or sleep with them for movie roles. They don't care!! Afterall they want to be famous like the people they look upto, and these are thesame people that want to Govern Nigeria? #AkukoNaEkwenti. These young rapscallions have displaced the old ones and they all struggle to get roles or do something else to remain relevant ***clears throat***.

The only person in Nollywood whose Govt appointment created positive impact in the movie industry is the current AGN President Ibinabo Fiberesima. I don't really care what anybody thinks, she isn't my friend and she is not my enemy either, but she is incredible and outstanding FULL STOP!!.

Nigerians stop allowing musicians and actors flood our Government offices. Give chance to young intelligent contestants who have technological, educational, political, travelled (well exposed across the globe), intelligent, posses Charisma, not interested in money laundering but interested in physical and moral development of our Nation. Anyone who falls short of these attributes, is a money miss road like many of those in the Nigerian politics today. Some of them can't even handle their personal family lives and they want to go public.


Please Note: I adore these celebrities in their areas of expertise, but going into politics by them annoys the hell outta me!!!


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