It feels good being a grandmother- Shan George

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Just like every woman would always pray for the immeasurable joy of seeing her grandchildren, notable nollywood actress Shan George is already savoring such joyous feeling.

Shan became a grandmother three weeks ago, after her first son welcomed a daughter with his girlfriend. This triggered some indescribable feelings for the nollywood diva who is in her mid 40s.

In a recent interview, the mother of two says she's thrilled to be a grandmother.

"It feels really cool, especially the fact that I gave birth to all boys, now I have a girl. I was happy when my son told me about his girl being pregnant. Children are a beautiful gift from God.

The best thing about me being a grandmother is the fact that as a Christian, God's promise of keeping me alive to see my children's children has been fulfilled." she said
By now, you must have heard that her second son, Jaga is into music and Shan was reported to have fought with British promoters of Jaga's single titled, 'Edo Boy.' The disagreement was over the release of the song without her consent. It was gathered that the latest nollywood's grandma who doubles as Jaga's manager is not happy that she did not screen 'Edo Boy' before it was released.