By: Abubakar Sematimba
A Quack medical doctor claiming to be a Malawian citizen based in the Republic of South Africa, deliberately gave wrong information to a pregnant woman declaring her HIV positive, and that she had to be operated on to save the un born baby from acquiring the disease.

This happened in South Africa few years back when a pregnant woman visited a quack doctor for medical check up.

After completing his tests, the impostor Doctor gave false information to the poor mother, 'you have AIDS and you need to save the un born baby not to contract the disease' the quack doctor confidently told the woman who took his words to be nothing but truth.

He further clarified to the mother how the operation was to be carried out on her and remove the baby without contracting the disease.

The mother was shocked to learn that she was HIV positive; she went back to her husband and revealed the bad news she had gathered from the 'doctor'.

The cost of the operation was to take hundreds and thousands of Rand.

The situation became unbearable in the house, the question now was who was to blame for this HIV curse which has gained access to the family, a wife or husband.

Elders and religious personalities where contacted to mediate, and the adultery case was brought forward, each side accusing and blaming the other for being dishonest.

The marriage was now on the verge of collapse however, the pregnant mother was advised to go for further HIV examination using other centers, to ascertain whether she had the disease or not.

The couple decided to make more tests, but this time using other centers, and the results were Negative, it was now a who is fooling who situation.

The pregnant mother went back to the Quack Doctor, showed him the results from another center and they were negative.

What was next now according to the expecting mother was to sue the Malawian Doctor for all the psychological torture he has inflicted on the innocent mother.

The Doctor was alerted on what to expect next, and he responded by apologizing to the pregnant mother.

In his words the Doctor put the blame on the harsh economic situation that led him to go out of his way and lied to the pregnant Mother.

In another development. A similar situation happened to a friend who was told to be having hepatitis; he decided to go for further examination.

Another doctor rubbished the first tests and he was right, because the results were negative, the man had no hepatitis.

Now the question remains to what extent can some one trust, or forsake the words of a person s/he has entrusted with his valuable life and that is a Doctor.

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