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Humanity has passed or walked a long way to arrive at its present position. It still persists in its search for freedom in a world full of hiccups and chaos.

These confront humanity in no-less ways. However, in its chaotic long journey to the freedom many earthly authorities have been apposite to its expectation.

To gain reprieve, radical changes have been made in a world that is full of pains, sorrows and agony. Yet, humanity is plunged into more terrible pathetic situations.

As all efforts to secure worldly happiness through scientific discoveries, absolutism in governance and reforms of various forms yield less expected results, majority of people have decided to seek for succour and solace through religious traditions and practices.

It is obvious that history holds that in all ages of political and social disorder, total collapse of values, humanity seeks refuge in the transcendent morality that ennobles suffering and canoness pain. And, this makes humanity vulnerable to religious charlatans.

Such equally prepares ground for genuine redeemers or prophets. Such occurrences breed 'evil-men' in religious bodies that enslave their adherents with superstitious beliefs.

Religious traditions have been the accompanying elements to the tragedy of the masses that use such ground to display the tales of extraordinary courage in the face of unimaginable adversities. It is, therefore, seen as epics of heroism stretching the limits of human endurance and the threshold of pains.

Presently, there are tens and hundreds of major religious traditions on the earth. There are equally more than million types that are practiced in the localities that can be grouped as unpopular to the global settings. While it is certain that majority of the widespread religious communities were backed by states and powerful monarchs, there are millions of unpopular communities that can boast of veritable answers to the questions of life where the major ones failed but are kept in the cooler because of some unnatural occurrences.

Investigation has revealed that one of the recent times a heroic and unsung religious community is the Yahosheanism tradition, said an adherent who would not like the name to appear in print.

The adherent said that since he discovered this order, he has found out that the content and character of this religious tradition, engages one with previously too many un-answered questions over supernatural existence and its relationship with humanity and the entire globe; this order gives one a genuine treatment and makes him or her to understood better.

The revealer added that he was a full practicing Christian but when he came in contact with some of the articles of the adherents of the Yahosheanism, he became dumb-founded over the proper reasoning and arguments that are made in their teachings.

Hear this fellow: “Truly, close to a decade ago, I am highly thrilled by the presentations of the religious tradition which focuses on unification of the entire globe with one religion of a single name to the creator as Yahweh and a single name to the saviour as Yahoshea Meshiyach with prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach been adopted as the only comforter of humanity.”

The order has said that the terms “Unity” and “Single” are necessary for global development and progress. It has said that such a schism that must make a head-way to such direction must certainly consider these two terms in its operations.

In their articles as the writer dug further, it was revealed that the Yahosheanism tradition has a belief in non-existence of Satan. The articles pointed out: “The tradition points clearly that the most reason for global disunity is the belief of the existence of a negative personality called Satan and his hosts of demons by various religious communities. The concept of satanic existence and operation have polarized all religious communities and set war between them and each accusing others of being handiwork of the purported Satan.”

Evident is the article as presented by Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahamarabhi (an adherent) in one of his articles that was published in weekly Moonlight Newspapers in 2008, with the caption “Is Satan a myth or reality?” One will come to realize that the world is not under the spell of Satan but under the captivity of believing the existence of Satan, after reading the said article.

When contacted to give more insight to this, Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahamarabhi has this to say: “Satan, according to the article, is a mere belief. And it takes unbelief to destroy a belief. The article holds that the superstition called Satan has designed all forms of evil amongst human family and the fear against it is the reason for all deceptive ploys of major religious communities as their clergies see such doctrine as a veritable instrument to perpetuate fraudulent activities against their laymen who act as victims.

“Truly, commoners run to various religious bodies for salvation and deliverance but instead of them enjoying this natural and scriptural truth that must give redemption, the ordeal invariable ends in colonialism and suppression of their souls with fears of the unknown.

“Whatever it is that makes human beings subject to extreme torture and tribulation would be easily rejected in the secular means and order but whence it is from religious angle, it became a necessity. Certainly, religions that hold to the doctrine of the existence of Satan have numerous questions to answer before Yahosheans. Such questions include - can Yahweh condone enmity with Satan and its hosts and at the same time directing men to forgive the wrongs done to them by their fellow humans?

“If Yahweh and Satan had a disagreement, why would Yahweh cast the Satan down to planet earth? If Yahweh really cast down the Satan to earth, does such omen prove him to be a loving and kind father? Can a loving father cast a destroyer into an abode of his children? Can a shepherd cast a devouring lion into his sheep fold?

“Were human beings responsible for such war in heaven? If the scriptures bear that Yahweh put the knowledge of man in the forbidden fruit and the Satan made man to eat of the fruit, who loves man and who hates him? Can man exist without knowledge in him? If the knowledge of man is hanging in the forbidden fruit, how can man respond to the laws of not eating of the fruit? Can a man whose knowledge is out of him be able to respond to commandments and how can such person resist temptation?”

When one comes across the articles of the Yahosheanism tradition, a research-minded person would like to dig more into the sect to exhume more things. Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahamarabhi in his soft-speaking voice said, “Without the belief of Satan on earth, there wouldn't be the work of Satan because all evil works are mothered by negative thoughts as hold by the tradition.”

He advised that the earth must look for who to deliver it from the pains of multiple and contesting religious traditions, adding that many religious communities passed into this age through invasions and forceful conversion. Some came through one form of gimmick or the other, according to him, but some of the unknown religious groups are not guilty of such evil machinations.

Written by Odimegwu Onwumere.

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