Rukky Sanda Pierces Tongue With Gold

Source: Joy Akosa/

It is no news that Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda loves tattoos and piercings and she is at it again with another piercing.

The actress who celebrated her birthday few weeks ago has taken her body piercing style to the next level. This time, the actress has pierced her tongue with two gold dotted "earrings" on it.

Before now the actress drew tattoo in some strategic parts of her body and which caused tongue to wag. However she is enjoying her vacation in a beautiful resort at a country she refused to reveal as she said she decided to relax in a "beautiful resort, somewhere in this beautiful world, unknown destination."

Is Rukky advising people who look up to her to do the tongue piercing too or is she telling them that it is actually nice to pierce one's tongue?