Fans Pour Alcoholic Saliva on Me at Clubs………DJ Exclusive

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Wave making Nigerian disc Jockey, Rotimi Alakija better known as Dj Exclusive, has narrated that one of the things he does not like about fans is that they easily conclude that an entertainer is a bad person all because you did not attend to them while busy.

The handsome disc Jockey explained that as a DJ, it is not easy to satisfy everybody because lots of creativity is needed just to keep the fans going.

He stated that what annoys him most is that some of the fans will be talking to a DJ and their alcoholic saliva will be all over the DJ's face all in a bid to get his attention forgetting that there is a headset on his ear.

He urged fans to be more polite in their attitude instead of embarrassing a DJ, adding that it will be better if they can put it into writing with a paper or send it via text, rather than the ill manner approach.