Nigerian OAPs Charge Too High To Play Artistes’ Songs—Michael Odiong

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Manager of foremost music company in the country, Premier Music Limited, Michael Odiong, says the challenges the music industry is faced with is the money charged by on-air-personalities.

According to Odiong, up-and-coming artistes finds it difficult to break through the industry because they cannot afford to pay the high amount charged for airplay of songs.

The manager though praised the rapid growth of the music industry in Nigeria following the evolving of music globally, but emphasized that OAPs should also help the young artistes career and not just collect uncreative song for the sake of money.

Odiong added that though the trend of high charges by OAPs might be so saddening, yet there are some professional OAPs that prefer good music to money.