APUGO’s Stooge Mentality

By Kingsley Gedion

Though politically irrelevant, but Prince Benjamin B. Apugo would want people to believe that he is a political heavy weight. He is nothing but an empty shell. Today, he is struggling to make himself politically relevant. Recently, this unrepentant Igbo hater granted an interview to Leadership newspapers titled 'IT'S TIME FOR NDIGBO TO EMBRACE APC-APUGO' where he deliberately tried in vein to market the All Progressive Congress (APC) readers in the South-east.

Now I ask: What will it profit a man to gain ill-gotten wealth and bring dissension among his united and affectionate brethren?What will it profit a man to be a traitor and self-centered?

What will it profit Prince Benjamin B. Apugo to gain peanuts and deceive Ndigbo to embrace the All Progressive Congress (APC)?

APC is popularly known as a northern political party, headed mostly by retired Northern military men and few political deadwoods who are suffering from born to rule, and demi-god hallucination. These men have ruled Nigeria for almost forty-years and could not account for any micro-economic development.

If one should have a wide view into the Socio-economic condition of Nigeria in the past and in the most recent past, one could clearly see the differences in the days of the northern political/military rule, and the current PDP leadership, headed by a South-South Nigerian man with great academic background, and Igbo heritage- Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan.

Since the leadership of PDP in Nigeria, there has been wide range of structural development especially the introduction of GSM and privatization of telecom industry. The unbundling of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) into three segment, the evolution of private refineries, awarding International Airport to Ndigbo, and the most recent giant stride, the removal of oil subsidy, thereby taking away illegal oil wealth from the northern Islamic cabals: the ill wealth they used in procuring illegal war ammunition, and grooming of puppet militia. No wonder, the upsurge of the northern militia, the inglorious “Boko-Haram”.

Now the question remains. Why would Prince B. B. Apugo choose to drag Ndigbo into the dangerous and treacherous den of the evil northern cabals, the puppeteers of the inglorious Boko Haram in the name of APC? I wonder, if not greed and avarice.

And back to Abia State. What positive impact has B.B. Apugo made in the lives of Abians and the entire Ndigbo in general, if not breeding of political thugs and hoodlums, and perpetrating hooliganism and betrayal to responsible governments?

Now that he has the audacity to castigate the amiable governor of Abia State, Dr. T. A. Orji, I will not hesitate to declare him: B. B. Apugo a complete aberration to the personality of Dr. T. A. Orji (Ochendo Global). And it's only a deranged, aberrated man can perform the following acts.

During the tenure of Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu as the governor of Abia State, Prince B.B. Apugo succeeded slightly and bungled everything out of false audacity and since then lost credence. Instead of join hands with others to move the state forward for progress, he has challenged progress just to be paid. This is anti-government and development.

He is the only Igbo man that voted against Goodluck Jonathan in the PDP presidential primaries in 2010.

He has remained a stooge to the northern puppeteers, thereby selling his conscience. In terms of philanthropy, what can he boast of? At least in terms of youth empowerment, who has he empowered in Abia State and Ndigbo at large?

Is it not a shame that all his sons have abandoned him to embrace the leadership and empowerment programmes of Dr. T. A. Orji, a man who took the bull by the horns and liberated Abians from the satanic grip of the puppet cabals of the northern puppeteers?

I would gladly want to highlight the giant strides of Dr. T. A. Orji (Ochendo Global), and his kind and humane gestures towards the lives of Abians, especially the handicaps and the youths, but for the sake of time, it will be highlighted in a forthcoming article soonest.

I hereby appeal to Abians and Ndigbo to arise and wipe out saboteurs and traitors in our midst. I bid you, I urge you to fight them in all earnestness in order to preserve the glorious future of Ndigbo. Now that our son-in-law of former Eastern Nigeria Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan is the President of Nigeria, let us support him with the spirit of oneness. Let us build a strong and formidable colony of united and affectionate Ndigbo. Say no to northern puppet and the puppeteers. Say no to APC

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