I Am Not Engaged To Any Politician……… Ex- MBGN, Sylvia Nduka Yells

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Ex-most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka, has debunked rumours which made the rounds that she was getting married to a top politician in Houston, Texas, United States.

According to Sylvia, love is a good thing, but she was not in any relationship with anybody except her business.

The ex- MBGN admitted that she was actually in Houston, but not to get married to a top politician like widely speculated.

'I'm not engaged or married though I'm looking forward to that some day. I want it to happen soon, soon, soon. For now, I would tell you I'm married to my business 100 per cent,' she explained.

Speaking on her Hair line business, she said the business was doing fine but faced with the challenges of lack of electricity.

'Power is our major problem. Here, we run on diesel every day. Electricity supply is not steady and it is killing us. We spend a lot of money. We run on diesel from our shops. I have my own way of doing things,' she pointed.