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When we look at most of the 'Greats' from Genghis Khan, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler, leaders of Buddhist, Jihad and Crusades, most were religious men that led the Army of God as mass killers. Each claimed he had the blessing from above to lead the Army of God. The rituals before going to wars include solemn prayers, fasting and blessings not to lose in battles. It is baffling how the same God could be fighting itself from both sides of the victor and the vanquished.

If God is everywhere, we do not have to go to Jerusalem or Mecca before prayers are answered. You cannot desecrate Africa by carnage and call other peoples' land, Holyland. African solutions are needed not only in Nigeria today, in Congo yesterday, or Liberia the day before and Somali before that. Africa is engulfed in enough civil wars, no sectarian dominance or religious fanatics needed again; in the name of Army of God by foreign commanders, suppressing African religion.

Terrorists from North and South have decided they can target Abuja with impunity. Striking the same location several times sends the message that nowhere is safe. There are high state alerts from Lagos to Sokoto: mistaken identities of talikawa for terrorists. It started with victimization of Igbo traders, those in between, comes around to daily killing of Hausa in God's name.

We cannot live with this daily killing of our own families in the name of God as a unified country. As long as a country has what others want, no country is immune from outside aggression. It is now obvious that country may not the problem. Army of God would kill within, kill their own or cross to other states and countries to kill. The greatest disappointment would be after we all separate into countries: no solution. So let us stop raising expectation and seek answers within.

Solution must be combination of force and fairness. By force: out of 250 ethnic groups, reshuffle neutral soldiers to troubled areas to deal with insurgents. They must be well equipped, well fed and friendly with law abiding members of the communities. Any General diverting equipment or money must be severely dealt with as example to others. Corruption in high places for which the whole world knows and our country is notorious for, must be reduced to barest minimum.

The world focus is on Nigeria's daily mayhem by members of the Army of God. It is not only girls that have been kidnapped, boys, old people and children are still being kidnapped for ransom. When ransom was paid, some still got killed. We need to wake up change ourselves and reject hypocrites preaching to us. It is not the system; we are capable of corrupting any system. It is us.

We may have tried to figure out the conviction of mass killers in the name of God. If we look deeper into ourselves, we will find another justification in the holiest places. Young men were inspired or forced into the army to fight for God, for freedom, against oppressors and against injustice. Fight for or against communism and capitalism. There has to be an overriding motive.

Injustice and hypocrisy contribute to revolts pushing the poor to religious fanatics and pastors. The whole world calls Nigerian leaders crooks, they go round bribing and influencing the same world with stolen loots and pardoning those caught in the act. Negotiated at the expense of poor prisoners that never wanted or begged to come into dingy unmaintained prisons at home, so that their foreign VIP convicts can benefit from prisoners' swap and come home to be freed.

Moreover, known terrorists are released into the hands of Chiefs, Emirs or Sultan. As notorious terrorists get paid and get juicy contracts, their family members that abide by the law, play by the rules and stayed out of trouble come out of colleges without jobs. They are courted by opportunistic wealth seeking pastors and recruiters of Army of God promising them deliverance from their sufferings. We then wonder how reasonable youths can fall prey to charlatans.

Everlasting life in heaven, forty-two virgins and submission to the will of God as delivered by commanders of the Army of God do have an effect on reasons we sacrifice our youths to wars. Anyone in poverty, dire situation, in need of water and food would grab a bag of rice and pure water during election campaigns. Sell their souls for the day and foolishly wait for tomorrow. At some point or the other, we have all been captivated by The Greats, money, and false hope.

Violence can never be justified by any means but when men fail to reach consensus and deeply feel cheated and disrespected, animalistic instinct and rage take over. We display the worst form of aggression with weapons of mass destruction. Many believe war is bound to raise its ugly head at some point before the defeated and weaker parties conform to the rule of law dictated by the winners.

Even Armed Robbers (coup plotters) of governments, shops, banks and people also pray to God before leaving their dens to perpetrate havoc on innocent victims. Some of them have Mosques and Churches built in their humongous homes. They justify each operation to their followers as correcting injustice. If they succeed or fail, God would forgive them.

Indeed, Churchill did better with words of Henry the V because apart from prayers, either one invoked inspiring words for strength, determination and resolve to wake up the spirits of the English forefathers against the French or the German. During our war some of us had secret heroes whose words were equally inspiring and one of them captivated this writer. These days, it could be called propaganda words. But it was effective and inspiring enough then.

Once more unto the Beach, Once more.. You come by sea We finish Una

Fight in the fields and in the streets.. You come by Air We finish Una

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France… You come by road We finish Una

We shall fight on the seas and oceans..
Wake Up Africa! We fought in two World Wars to liberate others but not ourselves.

Written By Farouk Martins Aresa

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