Threat to life: Court dissolves 20-year-old marriage

By The Citizen

An Ake Customary Court in Abeokuta on Monday dissolved the 20-year-old marriage between Bosede Tito and her husband, Segun over his maltreatment, lack of care, frequent beating and threat to life.

In his judgment, the President of the court, Chief Olalekan Akande, who dissolved the marriage held that efforts to reconcile the couple failed.

Akande held that the six children were grown up to determine whether to live with their mother or father.

He ordered that the welfare, schooling, hospital bills and other matters of the children should be a joint responsibility of the parents.

The president also warned that the respondent should refrain from going to the petitioner's  house or place of work to foment trouble.

The children had told the court that they would prefer to live with their mother.

Bosede, 47, who lives at Aro, Abeokuta, had urged the court to dissolve her marriage to Tito because of his maltreatment, lack of care, frequent beating and threat to life.

She told the court that she could no longer move on with the marriage which had produced six children, aged 18, 16, 14, 12, nine and six years.

'I am fed up with the marriage; I have been patient enough praying that one day God would change him.

'He is just too harsh, he maltreats me and my children a lot, several times that he fought me he injured me.

'There was a time he fought me and one of my children just because she cautioned him from beating me; he broke my head and my daughter's head with a stone.

'This is not the first time he is harming us.

'He does not act as a responsible man, he does not drop money for the upkeep of the family or think of our welfare, all he knows is to womanise.

'I have been struggling for the family to make sure my children are well, and don't go wayward like their father,'' Bosede said.

She urged the court to grant her the custody of her children, saying she was capable of taking care of them.

Tito did deny the allegations but pleaded with the court to help him beg his wife, saying that he was not ready to lose his wife and children.

'I am imploring this court; I don't want dissolution of the relationship but if she insists there is nothing I can do.

'But I want the court to grant me the custody of my children because in my culture a woman does not have the right to take the children,'' Tito said. (NAN