'Bimbo Manuel' Goes On Honeymoon

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com
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Veteran actor, Bimbo Manuel, is not a new name in the Nigerian make-belief world as he was one of the favourites in Amaka Igwe's soap 'Checkmate' in the early 90s, and was better known then in play as 'Nduka.'

The Tinsel actor has denied claims that he was dropped from popular MNET soap opera 'Tinsel.'

According to Bimbo, he was never dropped and besides, he recently renewed his contract with MNET. 'It is not true. In the first place, I have not received any letter or notice from Mnet that I am not a part of Tinsel anymore, so it cannot be true. In fact, I signed a fresh contract not too long ago. I am a writer myself and I understand how television series work.'

Bimbo noted that sometimes you need to build new characters and as such, you tend to keep some scripts aside, so that is what is happening and not that he was no more a part of the cast.

'I leaving Tinsel is not something that my fans should be worried about. I am still a part of Tinsel until I receive notification to the contrary. If you follow the drama, you will know that the character that I play is on honeymoon.'