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You Can Now Listen To BBC Hausa Service Via Call-To-Listen

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June 2, 2014, BBC Afrique and BBC Hausa radio news bulletins are now

available to listeners in the United States via the call-to-listen

service, AudioNow. The development means further extension of the

availability of the multilingual content from BBC World Service on

AudioNow's radio distribution platform, adding to the radio programming

from the BBC's Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Hindi, Indonesian, Persian,

Somali, Swahili and Urdu services already hosted.
US-based French- and Hausa-speakers can now access BBC Afrique and BBC

Hausa broadcasts on any mobile device by dialling a dedicated national

number. While the service is free to callers in the US, listeners should

check their mobile phone contracts for any additional charges.

BBC Head of Business Development for Sub-Saharan Africa, Joachim Harris,

comments: 'We are delighted that BBC Afrique and BBC Hausa radio

programmes are now available to audiences in the US as a result of our

agreement with AudioNow. The BBC has large audiences in Africa to its

Hausa and French services. Now, thanks to this very welcome extension of

our long-standing relationship with AudioNow, audiences in the US get a

new flexible and convenient way to enjoy and benefit from the BBC Hausa

and BBC Afrique audio news content.'
The addition of the BBC's two more African language services to the

AudioNow distribution platform builds on the success of the BBC Somali

audio programming which draws over one million calls per month in the

United States.
BBC Africa Editor, Solomon Mugera, adds: 'This is a significant

development in our commitment to serving our audiences wherever they are

in the world. It's a clear demonstration that with the right content in

terms of relevance and quality, the audience will find you.'

Alexandra Moe, Director of AudioNow Strategic Partnerships, says: 'We're

proud to extend the reach of BBC Afrique and BBC Hausa to diaspora

audiences here in the US. High-quality news from across Francophone

Africa, Nigeria, and beyond, is now available to anyone at any time

through a simple telephone call.'
For BBC Afrique, listeners can call 712 432 9959 to tune in to the news

programmes such as BBC Matin, BBC Midi, and BBC Soir. For BBC Hausa

listeners, 712 432 9967 is the number for accessing the daily news

bulletin, Takaitattun Labarai.