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Gov. Al-Makura: 3-years Of Shameless Governance, Plans To Rig 2015 General Election

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
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Martin Luther King Jnr says in his quote that "The hottest heaven is reserved for he who keeps mute at the time of moral conflict'.

As a patriotic citizen of Nasarawa State, I forfeited 2014 Democracy Day Interactive Session with President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for Nasarawa State Democracy Day Celebration in order to witness the three years scorecard of Governor Almakura but to my greatest surprise I was disappointed with the show of shame in City Hall, Lafia, Nasarawa State, the venue of the celebration where only THUGS filled the venue to capacity, in fact it was the greatest nightmare of my life, youths were asking me 'Comrade what are you doing here'?

I said to them, 'I am invited by some top Government official to come witness the celebration' and they said again in pidgin 'We Wey Dey Here Na To Collect Our Money Wey This Mugu Called Ta'al No Dey Give Us Since Wey Em Come Office', immediately after the conversation with the youths that are being economically oppressed by the Government of the day in Nasarawa State, I realised that with Almakura as the Governor beyond 2015, there will be no future for the Youths of Nasarawa State because the future is already void.

It is not longer news that Governor Almakura since assumption of office in 2011, no single employment for Nigerian youths in Nasarawa State, he has succeeded in sacking over 12,000 workers in 13 Local Government, no promotion of civil servants across State, no payment of civil servant arrears since 2011, no payment of students scholarship allowances, non payment of CONTISS allowances of tertiary institution in the State, poor implementation of free Education in the Primary to Secondary without meeting up with the demands attached to the basis of the policy, failed viable agricultural policies to boast food security in the State, no regular power supply, insecurity of high magnitude, high rate of insurgents in the bush between Fulani and others tribes, marginalization of other tribes in the appointment of public offices, oppression of Nasarawa State youths as one of us is currently being unlawfull detained in the Prison, no tangible youths empowerment scheme, abject poverty is now the order of the day in Nasarawa State, in fact Governor Almakura is a 'Total Failure'.

It is worrisome to see some group of youths that are economically oppressed, health-wisely intimidated, raped, cheated and politically marginalised. Unfortunately, you'll see them in the euphoria of defending their oppressor called Almakura at the detriment of their marginalised colleagues. Sadly, if one tries to awaken their minds towards the daily excruciating struggle they all endure to earn a living for survival.

We are aware that some youth are political jobber and desperados that are ready to do everything possible to earn a living, we are equally aware that there are some youth group masquerading in the name of campaigning for Almakura Second term in office on social media, they are doing these because their parents are directly or indirectly involves in the looting of our public treasury.

Some people may shamefully asked what is the interest of Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah in these visionless government of Almakura, as a young man I am not against Umaru Tanko Almakura and APC but I dislike his leadership style, truly 'you cannot give what you don't have' we knew him as a 'Business man' not as a 'Politician', for the purpose of clarity, my people are directly involved in the Government of Almakura, my biological father is an APC chieftain in Nasarawa State, two of my elder brothers, one is the incumbent Commissioner of Education and the other one is a leading Architect attached to the monitoring team of the project in Nasarawa State but should that make me blind to support the anti people Government? NO.

As I write, with the information and fact available before me, has clearly shown that the BODY OF SPECIAL ADVISERS in Nasarawa State are presently advising Governor Almakura to restrategies on how to rig the 2015 general election, read in part the memo sent to the Governor tagged 'ADVICE FROM THE BODY OF SPECIAL ADVISERS TO HIS EXCELLENCY THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR OF NASARAWA STATE signed by Alh. Abubakar Shaihu Usman and Masawaje Agbodu Daniel, the Chairman and Secretary respectively; item number one said 'We are advising that we should strengthen our relationship with the Federal INEC from State to Local Government level', while item number two said 'We are advising that we should strengthen our relationship with the various security organization in the State and local Government areas' and item number three said 'We are advising that instead of cabinet dissolution there should be cabinet reshuefflement if need be and political office holders that were earlier laid off should be carried along', I could go on and on mentioning the contents of the memo but space may not permit me to go further.

With the bad antecedents of Governor Almakura in governance, we advised that he should not be trusted again with any political power, how can a man that addressed the media in April, 2014 that the Scholarship of Nigerian Students in Nasarawa State would be paid by the end of the May 2014 but we are already at the end of "May" and nothing like that has happpened, this is a failure on the path of the Governor, as such he should be voted out of power come 2015, government is all aboout fulfilment of promises but the reverse is the case in Nasarawa State.

To the youths in Nasarawa State, It is a very sad commentary that a state that both Christains and Muslims are interelated has now turned to the state of religion bigotry as the order of the day under the watched of Governor Almakura and no youths leader is sayig ANYTHING, if care is not taken, these mess will continue till eternity, God forbid.

Why have we chosen tribalism and primodial madness despite our education and intellecctual capacity? It is high time we use our knowledge to enlighten our minds and think outside the box? Why do we enjoy unneccessary friction that only leads to naught? We are an embarrassment in the committee of State. We have created a very messy situation, a quagmire that is sinking us deep into morass! Its hard to understand why some of us who speaks the better truth are insulted when our views do not tally with those of our colleaques that are blind folded in the name of supporting the Government of the day in Nasarawa State!

Its a shame too that we display our shamelessness in public. It behoves on us all to read and express ourselves in intellectual discourse that would give us a headway. Not these bickerings and rantings that would only yield nothing. NO WONDER, IDI AMIN, BOKASSA, SESE SEKO, etc succeeded in ruining their people down!

We urge the people of Nasarawa to ponder this and other questions ahead of 2015 general election, and to prevent anyone, least of all a well-conceited political Business man, from making himself a tool in the hands of those who are bent on taking Nasarawa to back to an Egypt where war is the order of the day.

We urge the people of Nasarawa to reject those who have no interest in building on the progress that our dear state has achieved in the past years.

We urge the people of Nasarawa to reject those who will not hesitate to team up with their kind for the sole purpose of denying Nasarawa State people years ahead of peace, progress, prosperity and positive people-oriented programmes.

Its should be on record that we are not asking for money, but all we need is peace and people oriented programmes in Nasarawa State.

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah, Is The National President, Nasarawa State Youths Network (NASTYNET), Writes From Lafia, @ik_dallah on Twitter.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."