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Nigeria, Africa, May 2014

By Sun Cho
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Mr. President,
Sir, Madam:

Dear Dr. Honorable Alausa and Excellency Honorable Babatunde Fashola,

Whilst it may be seen as acceptable within Lagos, Nigeria to consume dog and cat meat, the rest of the world looks at this trade as cruel and barbaric, least forgetting the potential for diseases such as rabies, food poisoning and a possible outbreak of any mutated H1N1 virus that could/will kill many.

Lagos holds some 17.5 million individuals, from which the state is the second largest within Africa.
Should any disease occur that has been seen already within Ghana, and Uganda via the consumption of dog meat/infected dog meat from rouge non-monitored traders this could have serious implications to Lagos citizens thus causing a potential epidemic.

Animal and Environmental officers have already raised their concerns with regards to this issue and have actively fought for the dog meat traders to be shut down.
Those that campaigned were regrettably ignored by your government and African citizens too.

Dog meat is seen as a delicacy within Nigeria as it is within Uganda, Kenya, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. Traders are selling a lie to the superstitious public stating that dog meat has medical cures and can even treat and cure malaria.
No meat has any medical properties to aide illnesses in (human) beings!

Most worrying is that the trade is not monitored or even regulated. Many diseased dogs and road kill dogs are consumed by Nigerians and foreign citizens.

Say No To Dog is actively campaigning to end this trade due to the fear that soon a mass (pandemic) will occur from the consumption of dog meat that has found it's way into the human food chain.
Authorities in eastern China broke up an operation that involved poisoning dogs for their meat, arresting seven people while recovering 11 tons of dog meat.
Most of the dog meat was sent to restaurants. Zhejiang Province officials believe that the ring, lead by a man with the surname Shi, has been in operation for several years.
This is also happening within Nigeria from which pet dogs and strays are taken from their homes, and the streets, and transported from south to north Nigeria.

These sentient beings, if still alive, are then killed by beating them on the head with a metal or wooden bar.

Whilst it's seen to some, denying cruelty, and the uneducated superstitious, as a delicacy and 'potential medicine' , the dog meat trade is horrific, cruel, unregulated, and has a vast potential for viral infectious diseases to spread in an already impoverished country!

I call upon you, Honorable Alausa and Your Excellency Honorable Babatunde Fashola, to acknowledge these critically important issues, with my sincere hope that the first hurdle in tackling this terrible trade will be taken.

Meanwhile I will be petitioning your government to enact a change bringing an end to this unregulated and cruel non-medicinal habit and increasing better standards of welfare for animals within Lagos state.

These unacceptable practices also take place in Cameroon, with the same sanitary dangers for the population :
Pets, killed elsewhere, eaten and sold in Wovia, Cameroon. This Arrey Mbongaya Ivo clip reveals the strange and rather almost ritualistic practices of dog eaters. A work of his organization, African Centre for Community and Development. A window to understanding differences in contexts...


I look forward to your response.

Sun Cho
Bayside, NY