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Orji Continues To Rape Abia

By Olaniyi Olayinka
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Permit me to point out the following observations I have made in Abia State. They are about the governance in that state and the trick that Governor Theodore Orji and his aides are spreading everywhere.

They are bent on attacking dissenters, as if public opinion is not part of government again. I pray they do not attack me for this article in their gangsters' approach of handling media affairs.

Anyway, I know that their time is fast winding up and very soon another person will occupy the government house, Umuahia; the governor and his government's urchins will be afar pointing at the now government house they have assumed is their fiefdom.

In the time not too far, the government in Umuahia boasted of how the Broadcasting Corporation of Abia (BCA) has modern equipments, yet workers are crying for the over 8 months that their salaries have not been paid.

Gov. T.A Orji and his goons would not stop at that to tell the world of how the Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku commissioned different complexes in the state during his so-called good media tour to most of the states across the country.

But many observers have condemned the extolling-observations that the honourable minister had made of the government in that state as a bad media tour, because there was hardly any development on ground that should warrant the acknowledgments of the minister.

It is a known fact that the government of Orji occasioned hardship in the cause of leadership. Commercial activities are dead in that state owing to the unconcerned approach of the governor to rebuild the state in reality order than rebuilding it on the media.

The Umuahia Central Market which they said that they have converted to a large environment at Ubeku Ubani, is where a trader pays over N450, 000 for just a shop for one month. The government in Abia State and its agents would call that money “just N450, 000.”

One Eze Chikamnayo who they said he is the Commissioner for Information and Strategy is always garrulous about promoting the government activities where they do not exist. What they see as the “Beauty of Umuahia” is the pauper level they have subjugated the residents there to.

They would boast that business activities at the Umuahia Industrial Market is with over 4000 shops built on 30 hectares of land, when people are yet to come with the reality of these bogus claims.

There is an assumed democracy in the government of Governor Theodore Orji unlike the governments that were there before it. What there are in Umuahia today are motions without actions. And they would call this “Legacy Projects.”

This government continues to poison the minds of the unsuspecting people of Abia and other Nigerians at large with lies. Gov. T.A Orji continues to rape Abia and at the same time is misleading the people that he is working because he is no longer raped by whoever he means.

The governor is always saying that he has love for the people when he has no love for development. His administration is far from making sure that the people see and enjoy the dividends of democracy. It is a government of propaganda, falsehood and blame; always looking for excuse from the blues to give for T.A Orji's failure in governance.

The 17 local government areas in the state are bereft of any form of development, no dividends of democracy to show for the almost 8yrs of his stewardship. Even though that he was the Chief of Staff for eight years of the government that he succeeded, T.A Orji does not utilize the income and expenditure of Abia State well; he uses it anyhow and beats his chest for people's praise where he does not deserve any.

Touts like the so-called Information and Strategy Commissioner Eze Chikamnayo would always display their exceptional buffoonery in defending the governor's botched government for the lucre that would accrue.

A parasite, Chikamnayo has always pestered on any government in power in that state. He is quick to turn against any that was able to see his craze approach to attaining job in the government. And when he is short of money you see him going on his knees and writing letters of apology.

Olaniyi Olayinka, a public affairs analyst lives at

No. 38, Ohafia Avenue, near World Bank, Umuahia.

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