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“Michael Opeyemi Bamidele has not Withdrawn from Ekiti Governorship Race”

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“Michael Opeyemi Bamidele has not Withdrawn from Ekiti Governorship Race”

This is to inform the growing population of our esteemed supporters and thousands of Labour Party members across Ekiti State that our governorship candidate Hon. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele (MOB) has not withdrawn from the June 21st, 2014 race as being rumoured.

On behalf of our candidate, we want to state categorically that Hon. Bamidele is still in the race and had at no time contemplated such a cowardly move. We are confident to add that not only that our candidate is still in this race, but he is currently working round the clock with his team of astute politicians to ensure his emergence as next elected governor of Ekiti State.

We are also reassuring our supporters that he is determined to contest the election regardless of ongoing propaganda activities of our political detractors, especially those of All Progressives Congress (APC) who are bent on misleading them; out of the fear that their days in office are already numbered.

In our effort to put the record straight, what our candidate and the Ekiti State Chapter of Labour Party decided after due consultation was a temporary suspension of our ongoing open rallies and town-to-town campaigns.

This was disclosed to the entire world via a press conference on the 2nd of May, 2014 at Iyin Ekiti country home of our candidate where key party members and those of his campaign organisation were in attendance.

At the event, our candidate only raised concerns over spate of insecurity, recklessness and official lawlessness being orchestrated by the APC-led government in the state. This led the team to have a few days of “campaign holiday” in a bid to re

-strategise for the remaining days ahead before the election day. We have also demanded for a full police protection in the days ahead.

In exact words of Bamidele, “in the next few days, we will change our campaign tactics, we will consult and contact stakeholders within and outside the state on the way forward. I don't know for how long I will be able prevent people from reacting to all these acts of provocation. Also, I don't know how we can continue our rallies under the present circumstance”

These words are enough to convince any doubting Thomas whether or not we are still in this race.

We have resolved that we can never be chickened out of this race despite any amount of conspiracy and propaganda of those currently in affairs of Ekiti State. This has been succinctly put by our candidate when he again added “We are standing on the right side of history. We are not pulling out of this race, because no amount of intimidation can stop us. We shall see it to the very end”

While we thank you all for your unflinching supports, we also urge you to keep a distance from these mischief makers and their antics more of which we expect to see in a couple of days before the election. We are confident in victory as we continue our team work and resume our campaign of issues in the next few days.

Ahmed Salami
Media Assistant to
Michael Opeyemi Bamidele