Nigerian Brands Tasked On Service Offerings Customer Service

By Eric Eghaghe
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Nigerian brands have been advised to pay more attention to service offerings and customer service if they are to favourably compete with their foreign counterparts operating in the country.

Making this call was Daniel Adia, the founder of (MNR), a prominent online product and service review website. MNR is an online platform that allows its users to rank Nigerian products, businesses and services.

Adia, in a press release, stated that the dissatisfaction of Nigerians with local brands is a major reason why foreign brands are often preferred to made-in-Nigerian equivalents.

'From what I have observed, it would seem that majority of Nigerians are not too impressed with what they are getting with respect to service offerings and customer service from Nigerian brands. If you ask me, this seems to be one of the major reasons why our brands are overshadowed by foreign brands. If we are to develop our economy, then Nigerian brands must begin sit up and pay more attention to service delivery and customer focused service, he said '

According to Adia, MNR was set up as a platform for customers and prospects to interact with Nigerian business and products. He said: We have been operating for about four years now and we have more than 2,000 businesses registered on the website with more than 3,000 people using the site. So when we talk about Nigerians and their impression about our local brands, we are talking from an informed position because we have people visiting the MNR website to rank the products and services after they have used them.

Speaking on why he decided to set up MNR, Adia said that the website was set up with the aim of forging a better Nigeria, where businesses are encouraged to pay proper attention to their customers. 'We are working towards building a country where businesses can finally get real time unfiltered feedback from their customers. We believe that this is key to the success of Nigerian brands. That was essentially why we came up with MNR,' he stated.

While adding that the website also gives users the opportunity to review Nigerian movies, He stated that regular users are rewarded for ranking products and services.

'We are not just focusing on products and services. We also want to contribute our quota to Nigeria's movie industry by giving Nollywood enthusiasts the opportunity to review movies. What stands us out is that we don't just allow people review products, services and movies. We have a unique reward system where we reward users of the site,' he added.