Nollywood producer, Tchidi Chikere Rekindles Old Memories

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Nollywood producer/director, Tchidi Chikere has decided to recall old memories of him from Grass to Grace.

The movie maker recently has not been having a good time with his family as he recently got married to a Nollywood actress Nuella, which has raised public lashing from various angles.

After the long bitter battle with his first wife, Sophia Chikere, Tchidi Chikere has shared the throwback photo of his family, and a picture of himself climbing Palm tree, with the caption,"From left. My father my big bro. My Mum. My immediate elder bro.# Below#my cousin n lastly Me Tchidi."

Hmm, could this be another way of diverting his fans attention away from the burning issues? Well, only time will tell.