COSON Members Get IPI System Listing In Geneva

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

Information reaching confirms that members of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) have added another feather to their caps by getting listing into the Interested Parties Information (IPI) system.

The IPI system can be likened to the Bible of the international copyright structure by which every important copyright owner in music is identified around the world. The system is administered by the Geneva based organization, SUISA.

The feat was announced to COSON last week and it caused excitement at the Lagos office of the body.

“The listing of COSON members in the IPI database and the assignment of special international numbers to each of them has made the tracking of the use of their works and compensation for any such use in any part of the world much easier.

“The IPI System is an international register used by the International Confederation of Authors & Composers (CISAC), the Paris based organization representing collective management organizations in 122 countries.

“It is also used by Bureau International des SociétésGérant les Droits d'Enregistrem(BIEM) member societies found in 42 countries. The IPI contains all the names of rights holders (natural and legal persons), both of copyright protected works and public domain works, made known to the IPI Centre.

The collation and presentation of the information standardized according to the CIS regulations of CISAC and BIEM serves the documentation, distribution and accounting processes of the societies linked to the IPI system,” a statement released by COSON and made available to explains.