Please, Quickly Dispose That Underwear

Source: Edith Elekwachi/
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Discarding a much cherished item, which comes as a gift most times, or been bought by oneself, takes a lot of courage and determination.

We all have that favourite pair of undies (underwear or underpants), which we always keep running back to wear, no matter how bad its shape or state.

Most times, these beloved underpants get worn a lot thereby, becoming worn out.

When this happens, the right thing to do is to throw such into the garbage, no matter how cherished the material is. Like a living thing, an underwear also has a lifespan.

Here are how you know it's time to say goodbye to your lovely undies;
Tear and Holes: this sure can look stylish, creative and sexy for jeans, but if you can see bits, you don't need anyone to let you know it is time to let go.

Elastic Waistband Death: if they can't stay up on their own whenever you put on your underwears, then you probably shouldn't be wearing them.

Stains: There is a reason why 'wash dark colours separately' is on some clothing labels. There's also a reason why people tuck napkins into their shirts when eating. The keynote is, you should try all you can to keep your underwears from whatever kind of stain.

Over-washed fabric: Is paper tissue stronger than your undies? Toss them away!

Shame: nobody wants to be embarrassed at the thought of friends or family members seeing torn or worn-out underwears, would you want to be caught dead in them?

If you can see your backside: You don't just start seeing your buttocks, your buttocks become visible after the shirt has been washed so many times and finally gets torn, let it go. If you don't, it's just going to end up on you being ridiculed when you are caught wearing it.