PUBLIC DISGRACE: Nigerian Artiste, Miz Gold Messes Up 'The National Pledge' On National TV

Source: Nathan Nathaniel /
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In a recent live broadcast, up and coming artiste, Miz Gold, a songwriter, singer, artist, model and former dancer, messed up the Nigerian Pledge when she was asked to recite it by the presenter.

Noticing her blunder, Gold decided to play around it just to shy away from the shame she has got herself into by not being able to know her country's National pledge on national Tv.

She is both a Nigerian and Ghanaian artiste. She is signed onto ZOME Records International Limited. She is the only female Dancehall artiste in Nigeria and also sings R&B songs.

She has released the following official promotional singles “I Love the Way,” which was shot in Accra , “Tinka Tinka” ft. Sugar Boi, followed by music video shot by Patrick Ellis in Lagos, “Diva” ft. Guru, a Ghanaian music star , music video shot in Lagos. “Take Care” which was recorded and produced in Accra Ghana. “Kokonsa” which was recorded and produced in Accra Ghana, “Whisper” followed by a music video which was shot in Lagos Nigeria.

Nigerian artistes please try to know things about your country cos u could be taken unawares.