Nigerians Are Corrupt; You Need To 'Bribe' To Get Anything Done says Mugabe


President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has branded Nigeria and her citizens as corrupt.

Mugabe made the remark during his 90th birthday luncheon hosted by the service chiefs and the public commission of his country.

According to him, Zimbabweans are now almost behaving like Nigerians who have to be corruptly paid for every service.

“Are we now like Nigeria where you have to reach your pocket to get anything done,” he asked. “You see we used to go to Nigeria and every time we went there we had to carry extra cash in our pockets to corruptly pay for everything. You get into a plane in Nigeria and you sit there and the crew keeps dilly dulling without taking off as they wait for you to pay them to fly the plane,” said the president as people present laughed out loud at what sounded like a great joke.

Zimbabwe currently ranks above Nigeria in the current corruption rankings in the world.