Stop Playing 'transactional politics' with Boko Haram, Ezekwesili tells APC


Former  Vice president of the World Bank,  Dr Oby Ezekwesili ,on Thursday ,during the All Progressive Congress' (APC) Summit  in Abuja came down heavily on the political class, insisting that switching camps at short intervals was not a solution to Nigeria's myriad of problems.

Ezekwesili also told her host that the leadership that would serve above self was not yet in the  (APC)

 She said “Doing the migratory dance between one set of acronyms and another does not solve the problem, Structural problems require structural solutions. Changing acronyms don't solve the problem” –

 Ezekwesili who was guest speaker  knew she would ruffle feathers when she reminded the audience made up of Bola Tinubu, Muhammadu Buhari, APC Governors, and all its stake holders that “ you asked me to speak , you will have to bear with me”

 She added “I do not know how you decided to take this high risk of inviting me to your gathering, knowing full well that my zeal for candor can be generally unsettling for some people of your class and occupation. Since you took the risk, I have assumed the liberty to speak boldly even to your discomfort especially considering that we live in a season of grim when our country is greatly troubled.”

 She took shots at the decampees  in the APC fold who left the Peoples' Democratic Party  (PDP) saying “ you say it is the party for the elite, but you all went , do not behave like you didn't go”

The former Education minister who lamented the colossal $600 Billion Nigeria earned in 53 years with little to show, condemned the way the political class was doing what she called transactional politicking with the Boko Haram menace.

 She said” Is it therefore not unconscionable that in the over nearly three years of rising trend of terrorist attacks against whole communities in the central and north eastern states of Nigeria where our kith and kin have regularly been slaughtered in cold blood; the milk of empathy has not yet flowed from our Elders in the Land in the entire political spectrum to suspend “transactional politicking” and build a united front against this newest common enemy? Is it not unconscionable that despite the massive public resources committed to security spending, the government has failed to inspire confidence in communities and the large public that feels excluded from the more secured lives of the political elite?”

 In frustration she added “If you are here and you have ever benefitted from BH killings, judgment awaits you!”

Ezekwesili who maintained that the political parties have been part of the problem of elite failure, said Nigeria had never had real political parties.

The former Minister for Solid Minerals also took a swipe at the APC, insisting that the leadership that would serve Nigeria above self was not yet in the APC.

According “Political parties have been part of the problem of elite failure. Nigeria has never had real political parties, The leadership that will serve above self is not yet in your party.  Your gathering has to be a conversation deeper than how you're going to chase PDP out of power”