‪ LP Won't Merge With PDP —Akinlaja…..Cautions against inciting comments

Source: pointblanknews.com

By Emmanuel Ajibulu
Deputy National Chairman of Labour Party (LP) Hon Joseph Iranola Akinlaja has debunked speculations that Labour Party plans to fuse with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Akinlaja who doubles as the member of the House of Representatives representing Ondo East/West Federal constituency made the clarification to journalists in Lagos.

He said, “the speculation of this imaginary defection to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party was only heightened and peddled by our political detractors. Our party has no such plan.”

Continued the party leader, “Don't forget that Governor Mimiko was elected as two-term governor on the platform of Labor Party and he massively enjoys the support of the principled people of Ondo State. This is a party that is at the verge of winning more states in the country democratically.

“For those who do not know, the election of Ekiti State will impressively be a game changer in the history of our democracy. LP congresses have started in Ekiti,' stressed the party chieftain.

According to Akinlaja, LP had begun registration of party members in Ogun State. He described the turnout as “phenomenal.”

He said, “Many political bigwigs are already joining us and throwing their weights behind us. There are empirical facts that LP is becoming a formidable party that can stand and win election anywhere in Nigeria, judging by the support we are getting from the grassroots every day.”

He predicted that future elections will be determined by the scorecard of the party.

Said Akinlabi, ”Come to Ondo State, instead of indulging in the usual grandstanding that others have been doing in their states, Mimiko is one democrat that is working extremely hard for our people particularly the downtrodden. Mimiko believes that work itself and the purposeful establishment of an intimidating legacy of good governance, massive infrastructural development, urban renewal initiative, mega-schools, state-of-the art hospitals/ free health-care schemes for the vulnerable groups throughout the state will do the talking for him.”

He questioned why “a party that has these great potentials and opportunities consider joining any party” and dismissed the thought as “a ruse from the pit of hell.”

He elaborated, “Governor Mimiko has said if he wants to align or realign politically, he will make that public knowledge. People shouldn't misconstrue any so-called relationship between LP and PDP for defection. Our manifesto and political ideologies clearly set distinctions between us.”

On the proposed national conference, Akinlaja said LP's representatives were still meeting to harmonize their position and once it is adopted by all concerned stakeholders, it would then be made public.

He, howeve, offered that LP's final position would be on how “to live together as strong, united nation in harmony; resource control; security; boundary disputes, among other issues.”

Akinlaja berated politicians stoking the embers on discord ahead of the 2015 general elections.

“Politicians should stop playing politics of 2015 in 2014; this could be inimical to our cherished democracy and national development. Provocative and inciting comments must be eschewed.

'Of course government can be criticized, even in developed democracies we see them doing that, but the criticism must be constructive and issue based; and I see nothing wrong if superior opinions are offered in the interest of the nation and not for pecuniary interests,” he advised