Aisha Falode Loses Son To Accident

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It is indeed a bad time for Aisha Falode, AF Media Committee member and former AIT Sports correspondent who has lost her son, Toba Falode some days ago, Tove was a student in one of the Dubai schools and was also combining his eductation with music and has been making a lot of hypes before his untimely date.

'This is a tragedy. It is very, very sad to hear of the death of such a young, charming and ambitious young man', NFF President Aminu Maigari said 'We feel very much for Aisha Falode and deeply mourn with her at this period. It must be so devastating to lose such a promising son at that young age', he added.

The late rapper said his mother has been very supportive of his career 'Actually making important connects, thank God for my mom, moving on up!! Baba god Noni!!!'.