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'Good day sir, How do you see the defection of 5 APC Reps back to PDP? APC says they were induced.

Are there concrete proof?' A friend of mine just sent this text to me asking whether there is proof that the defecting Reps Members were bribed to return to PDP.

Yes, we are privileged to get information.
APC is well-connected in government circle to get privileged information.

We have our tentacles, connections, and networks both in and outside Nigeria.

Even in the days of ACN we do get privileged information about governance in Nigeria talkless of now that we are in a bigger family, APC.

APC can no longer be ignored in Nigeria's political landscape.

Somebody once said that APC is now playing Chess while PDP is playing Ludo in Nigeria.

In my previous article, I said that PDP will not give up power easily without a fight.

I alerted the nation that PDP will use every raw energy, power, strength, tricks, blackmail, bribery, intimidation, force, brigandage, subterfuge and every arsenal in their house of cards to suppress, oppress and repress the opposition, APC.

I wrote that PDP will use good money, choice property, choice appointments, contracts, cars, etc to try to fight back.

Today it is happening.
In the coming days, PDP will employ more deadly approach.

To remain in office, PDP can just do anything.
Life after power has been their greatest worry.
How can we survive after power? How can APC chase us out just like that? How would APC react to the rot we have left in the system for close to 16 years if they get to power? How would APC take the massive looting of the treasury that has spanned almost 16years? What are we going to tell our wives, our girlfriends, our concubines etc? What is going to be our fate in the year ahead in Nigeria? These are the big questions that will trouble the minds of Chieftains of PDP.

PDP will empty the nation's treasury and break the banks in Nigeria to remain in power.

APC leaders must be extremely careful now.
PDP can go after APC leaders now.
They may go extra mile of murdering some of the leaders of APC just to instill fear on others.

Deficit in anything that is honourable, just and fair, PDP can sacrifice Nigeria to remain in power.

In their own world: 'the country can go to blazes if we cannot rule' One million dollars to each Reps is no small money.

Two million dollars to Senators is a lot of money.
Ten million dollars to leaders is unbelievable.
Five million dollars to Rivers lawmakers is irresistible.

We need to encourage the leaders, governors, Senators, Reps who defected to APC without anybody bribing them to remain resolute.

It is not easy to refuse this kind of money.
They must remain where they are for the sake of Nigeria.

These people have made serious sacrifices and they need to be assured that they are on the right track.

Nigeria is waiting for the heroes that will be the drivers of the new Nigeria.

These gentlemen and women are the ones to be celebrated.

This country is worth dying for.
Our children must have a country they will call their own which will compare with any decent country in the world.

I see real trouble coming but Nigeria will overcome.

With the President Jonathan National Conference in place, even with all the doubts, the looting of NNPC, the looting of the Presidency, President Jonathan's ambition in 2015, the 2015 Presidential elections etc, I think we need to put on the real armour to withstand the storms ahead.

Time will tell.
The truth of the matter is that if we do not manage President Goodluck Jonathan and his handlers very well they may crash Nigeria.

From the look of things, it looks as if they have reached the point of no return in their inordinate ambition to continue to decimate Nigeria.

We need to carefully manage the Bulls out of the China's shop to forestall further colossal damage.

This country is more important than President Goodluck Jonathan and PDP leaders in Nigeria.

Case rested! Written By Joe Igbokwe

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