I Broke Down In Tears After Visiting An Orphanage Home----Dencia

Source: Nigeriafilms.com
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Dencia is not spending her money alone, days after claiming she has earned more than $1million for her product, Whitenicious without adverts, she is putting smiles on the faces on some motherless kids in her home town in Cameroon, Dencia who was in Cameroon this month and had shared money, clothes and bags for the running of an orphanage.

She tweets : "So I landed in Cameroon on the 10th of Feb & left on the 10th but before living I wanted to visit an Orphanage luckily for me there's one close to the place where I will be building my Own Orphanage I went to get work started on.I tell you when I got to this orphanage picture above, I was so heartbroken I burst out in tears, I could barely speak after I prayed with the kids, as I type this I am in tears.I have helped people but I have never gone to see the situation it's bad out there.28 amazing kids with beautiful voices …

The lady who owns this place has bought land next to it to build but doesn't have money.I want to help her and I want anyone who can to help these kids.i will be returning to Cameroon first week of March of clothes,bags everything these kids need if you can or want to help with anything please contact me.clothes,shoes and little stuff.