The 168 Million Nigerians Sniper List

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, the presidency is pressuring the Senate to discontinue the probe of this stolen national wealth. How will we not flaunt the world's most destitute when such large capital thefts are legally made by the ruling class? Then you have the $7 billion they steal that was exposed by the Berne declaration, which the Swiss government has promised to cooperate with Nigeria in the investigation of, but Nigeria is yet to address.  Add all these known figures together and you wonder what Nigeria survives on. If we translate these stolen billions of dollars to sniper bullets, bullets cost a dollar a bullet, the presidency with these $7 billion here, $50 billion there, literally purchases billions of sniper bullets for target practice on Nigerians. Roads and bridges will not be built. People will pay more at the pump and not afford travel, to satisfy our executive thieves. Hospitals will lack professionals and medication. Doctors will go to work abroad. Police will be unpaid and will contribute to crime. Things will continue to spiral negatively as the looting which according to our implicated oil minister, Diezani Madukwe, constitutes 'economic terrorism,' will continue.

Each presidential jet bought by our greedy leaders, each billion of the oil billions stolen will fund and equip our army to defend us and themselves against Boko Haram. Will buy several drones to be used by our police in pursuing fleeing terrorists and robbers, will creates thousands of jobs for our unemployed youth, will reduce the harshness at the pump, will build trains and subway systems, will provide opportunity and a welfare buffer for the destitute. Will clean-up our creeks and Zamfara. We can go on and on.

But this usurping did not start with our Ijaw president. Nigeria has had Fulani Northerner leaders for 9 years, that's Shagari, Buhari and Yar'Adua; Middle Belt, Bageri leadership in the person of Tafawa Balewa for 6 years; Berom leadership in the person of Murtala for less than a year; partial Igbo leadership of Azikiwe for 6 years and full Igbo leadership of Ironsi for half a year; Angas, Middle Belter leadership of Gowon for 9 years; Middle Belter, Gwari/Gbagyi leadership of brothers Badamosi Babangida and Abdulsalami for 9 years; Kanuri, Northerner leadership of Abacha for 6 years; 11 years of Yoruba Southern leader Obasanjo, and currently, 4+ years of Southerner, Ijaw leadership of Goodluck Jonathan.

The one thing that is constant from the true ethnic demographics of Nigeria's leadership history is its inconsistency. The present and past leaders have been united only in plundering and organizing snipers to target the Nigerian masses. There are 500 more ethnic groups in Nigeria who have not yet held the reins of power.  Must we wait to be raped by all 500, to lead for 8 years plus before we start developing the nation? Some of us who support and clamor for a continuity of leadership based on perceived ethnic affiliations and nepotism have betrayed our ancestors, mortgaged our future, sold our souls and turned ourselves into the sniper force of the ruling elite; squeezing the trigger and picking off the poorer Nigerians at the top of the list, 10 at a time.

Successive governments strike deals to give impunity to their preceding administrations and to keep the illegally allocated oil wells and the criminal agents of those administrations in business while they are in power. The elite transfer the nation's wealth and future from one administration to the next, never considering us at the nozzle of the barrel. It is common knowledge that we have chronically recycled military and civilian cabal from all our past administrations in each successive one till date. The youth and poor are nowhere to be seen, unrepresented, discarded and denuded. Boko Haram and MEND do not kill these elite. No surprise they care less about dealing with the true causes, nature and sponsors of the terror, and according to a recent police report, imported 7x more guns in 2013 than 2012 into the country to create more political terror networks and snipers with scopes trained on us.

As Nigeria approaches a next election season, it is time we swear to only support the best candidates for all offices, from our local government councilors through Senators and to the presidency; to pick and elect only candidates who exhibit competence, decency, intelligence and the wherewithal to free Nigeria from the shackles of corruption and mal-governance. Leaders who listen to us, respect us and are ready to discuss everything about Nigeria, including Nigeria itself, no holds barred.

There is no reason why the wealth endowed Nigeria must continue to carry last and remain at the bottom of the pot, only caring for and protecting the elite. It is way passed time for the youth and the poor.

It does not take so long to transform a nation into one that provides security and opportunity for its citizens. Malaysia and Dubai transformed in just five years. Shall we continue to wait with snail pace 'transformation' that only transforms the rich into billionaires with oligopolies that extort the poor, or shall we rise up and challenge the status-quo, and push our existing or new parties to present only responsible and dynamic candidates?

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Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian