A 2-Ton Eagle Comes Crashing Down As New Zealand Suffers Devastating Earthquake

By NBF News

A two-ton size eagle sculpture promoting The Hobbit movie has crashed down at the Wellington airport, New Zealand this morning as the country suffers a powerful one-minute earthquake leaving none dead but priceless property damages.

According to UK's DailyMail, 'the 6.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the centre of the country, damaging buildings and sending boulders rolling down hills up and down the country between Auckland in the north and Dunedin on the tip of the south island.

The shudder was felt throughout most of the country but there were no immediate reports of serious injury or death.'

Following the natural disaster, it's also reported that one of two giant sculptures which was part of a promotion for The Hobbit film currently lies on the floor at Wellington Airport. Many describing the size of the bird as 'the largest thing we've ever seen.'

The earthquake has been described by officials as 'severe', going 99 miles north-east of Wellington at a depth of 31 miles. The tremor led to fallen walls and huge rocks rolling across roads. Authorities have however warned that a number of aftershocks were likely to follow with more damage expected.

Moreover, fires broke out, telephone lines and power poles came down and alarm bells sounded in numerous towns. Meanwhile, office staffs were evacuated from buildings and motorists were urged to drive with care in case roads had subsided or debris had spilled across roads - according to reports.

It should be noted that earthquakes are not uncommon in New Zealand, the worst in recent times being the Christchurch disaster of February 2011 which brought buildings crashing down in the city centre, killing 185 people.