LeBron James And Reggie Bush Call Rapist 'A Role Model'

By NBF News
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NBA superstar LeBron James and Kim Kardashian's ex boo Reggie Bush have thrown their support behind Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston after been charge for rape in 2012; a gesture which isn't going too well with their fans.

Both pro athletes called Winston 'a role model' after his Monday night victory over Auburn University and post-game interview. The famous quarterback was cleared from sexual assault charges last month after being under investigation for raping a woman at an off-campus apartment on December 7, 2012.

LeBron and Bush took to twitter to express their amazement with Winston's game and personality saying:

LeBron tweeted, 'UN-Freaking-believable interview by Jameis!! Just shows part of the reason why he's SPECIAL!'

'Love listening to this dude Jameis Winston talk after games! Walks and talks like a true champion! A great role model for kids to look up to,' Bush tweeted, also.

Reactions stemming up from fans after both tweets didn't look too good at all;

'@ReggieBush Getting accused of rape and drinking while underage in a bar is a role model for kids? These are virtues?,' @UtahPigBus tweeted.

'Well @utahpigbus when you're @ReggieBush morals and values are pretty low to begin with. #neversaidsorry,' @MalibuRumBarbie replied.

However, reports say the woman's attorney Patricia Carroll, wants to reexamine the case - appealing to the attorney general to investigate the Tallahassee Police Department's handling of the case.

'It appears to me to be a complete failure of an investigation of a rape case,' Carroll said during the 90-minute news conference, 'I'm not focusing on football,' she said. 'Sometimes it's not about football. Sometimes it's about rape.'

If Winston's free verdict is challenged, he may be back in court for another trial. What if he's found guilty then, what would LeBron and Bush say next?