Nwabueze reiterates call to Jonathan to shelve 2015 ambition

By The Rainbow

Renowned Constitutional Lawyer and respected Igbo Leader, Prof Ben Nwabueze has reiterated his advice to President Goodluck Jonathan to step down his bid for 2015 presidential election for the sake of peace and unity.

Nwabueze, who had variously counseled the president against re-presenting himself fo re-election, on Wednesday said that President Goodluck Jonathan could become a great hero of democracy if choses to sacrifice his ambition for the sake of peace.

The eminent lawyer was briefing newsmen on the activities of the Concerned Igbo Leaders of Thought which he leads.

According to Nwabueze,  history would judge the president right if he ensures the return of peace and unity in the country, noting that it would be difficult for the president to be mobilising Nigerians for a National Conference and the same time be mobilizing them  for his rumoured second term bid.

He said, 'I've advised him to please, please try and be a hero and a statesman and forget 2015, that the day you announce to Nigerians that you are not going to stand for election in 2015, you will become an instant hero. You cannot combine two things at the same time.

'We have national conference which is clearly a mobilisation for national transformation without bloody revolution and off course the general election. I said to him you have to mobilise Nigerians for this transformation through the conference and you are also planning to mobilise the people to vote for you in 2015. You can't combine the two. I stand by my advice. I will continue to stand my advice.'