Whenever Senior government officials score their admininistration excellent with the growth rate of the economy's GDP it raises concern. It suggests they' re just making statements filled with ambiguities.

I thought for once whether the GDP means something else. If these learned adults can be so confident about the GDP growth (with a deficiency in development) then GDP meant something else that most of us misconceive .

GDP has a new meaning in Nigeria---Gross Domestic Poverty which is the product of our hardworking "Harvard trained" co-ordinator and colleagues. The reality that an average Nigerian can attest to.

In fact the growth rate of this GDP is increasing by the second. Now, it is up to 80% of the population living below $2 per day. There's likely the possibility that before 2015 the per cent would have increased.

May be more companies would have folded up leaving more people out of jobs; inflation would have reduced the value of the take home pay of both civil servants and private business employees.

Surely, the tertiary institutions would have turned out more half-baked graduates seeking non-available jobs. And Banks in a bid to make profits as well as meet up with their capital base would have layed off more workers and deny more loans or with outrageous interest rates. We are transforming gradually.

If you are an optimist you may look at this as a cynical forecast. But I plead with you to analyse the reality objectively. Our development is traversing towards retrogression while the rich and powerful service their frivolities--- very soon, if the report is true, we shall have our 11th Presidential Eagle...

Although, Progressive development is not an impossibility if sincerely pursued but the "body language" of my "Oga at the rock" does not negate popular speculations. It is almost impossible to witness meaningful development without fighting corruption--the monster that now sits on "the high table".

In conclusion, if government really wants to be serious about curbing corruption (that has led to several abnormalities including poverty) it must admit that a crusade of such importance does not consecrate any sacred cow irrespective of whatever she is ministering.

*SHOWUNMI REX (@remirex on twitter)

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