I shall Be Called Nigeria

By Emone Emmanuel

I shall be called Nigeria
Even thou I was named by a girl
I still believe that women are mothers of wisdom

I shall be called Nigeria
Let it remind me of how strangers conquered my land
Sold my children into slavery
And use my wealth to build their nation

I shall be called Nigeria
The people of the great River Niger
A land flowing with milk and honey
A land filled with oil wells

I shall be called Nigeria
A nation of proud warriors
Filled with artisans,minstrels,story tellers and noble hard working people.

About The Author
Emone Emmanuel is a poet,story teller,essayist and the president of Peakstars Foundation• He has published his poems in Writers Cafe,Poem Hunters and other magazines• He is a member of Academy of American poets,British council`s world changer and other international organizations.