After Bombshell Letter: Obasanjo Meets Jonathan for Breakfast In Kenya


Barely 24 hours after making public a damning letter to President Goodluck

Jonathan, former President Olusegun Obasanjo rushed into a breakfast

meeting with the President who was attending the 50th Independence

Anniversary Celebration in Kenya.
Obasanjo had made public a strong worded letter to President Jonathan in

which he accused the President of not just destroying the country but also

training a killer squad.
It was gathered that former President Obasanjo shocked many when he

appeared at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi just as some aides to the

President were still discussing the controversial letter amongst

Sources told that the former President whose letter

caused political stir tried to use the breakfast meeting to placate

President Jonathan into disregarding the effect his missile letter might

have caused.
Our source who would not want to be named said as soon as the former

President arrived the Intercontinental hotel, Nairobi where President

Jonathan was staying, he went into humor, trying to pretend as if

everything was fine.
According to the source, “Baba came and in his usual self tried to be

humorous while on the breakfast table with the President. He appeared as

if nothing had happened but the truth of the matter is that, this time he

would be shocked at what would happen. gathered that President Jonathan felt seriously

slighted by the decision of former President Obasanjo to release such

letter to the public and has vowed to retaliate.
“Mr. President would not take this one lightly. He is going to expose Baba

and all his hypocrisy and Nigerians would be shocked,” a source who was in

Kenya with the President said.
The source noted, “Baba's strategy is to first embarrass the President in

the public and then come in the private to pretend all is well. But this

time, that strategy would not work, it has failed already as Mr. president

is bent on giving him the same bitter pills.”