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APC will never rule Nigeria - Adeyeye

By Prince Adedayo Adeyeye

Afenifere Chieftain and People's Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Ekiti State, Prince Dayo Adeyeye has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) should perish the thought of ever governing Nigeria, saying; "God will never put Nigeria in the hands of gangsters."

Adeyeye, who was reacting to the APC's statement that only sycophants are putting President Goodluck Jonathan under pressure to contest the 2015 presidential election, said; "President Jonathan has the Constitutional right to seek a second term and no amount of noise-making from the APC and its allies can deny him that right."

In a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti today, Adeyeye said; "Nigerians are not robots as the APC people think.

"Nigerians can compare governance under President Jonathan with what is obtainable under the APC governments in States like Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, Ogun and Lagos.

"What better governance can the APC offer Nigerians? Is it the one in which a single individual sits in his bedroom in Lagos and determine who should eat pounded yam and egunsi soup and who should not in Suleja, Kafanchan, Ikot-Ekpene, Asaba, Onitsha or Sokoto?

"Is it the kind of governance in which elections are held and results of the elections are not released two years after as in the case of the Lagos State Local Government election held in 2011? Or the one in which an individual will come to the polling unit during an election and announce that he is the lord of Nigeria and must be allowed to vote without his voters card?

"Is it the kind of governance in which those who are opposed to the government are murdered in broad daylight as being witnessed in Ekiti State?

"The reality today is that Nigerians have seen the deceits that the APC represents and are more than willing to rescue the States being mortgaged by the party by voting in PDP governors in 2014 and 2015.

"Therefore, President Jonathan should be left alone to decide whether or not he desires a second a term and if he does, he will surely be re-elected for another four year term."