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Taiwo Aromokun In 'Trigedy'; Stranded In UK, Struggles To Pay Rent, Hubby Broke In Holland

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It is very common for Nollywood actresses to jump into the arms of Nigerians who are based abroad, while neglecting the hardworking and creative young men living in Nigeria, all because of boasting of marrying a foreign based hubby. But at the end of the day, they only find out that 'all that glitters is not gold.' That is the situation Nollywood actress, Taiwo Aromokun has found herself in.

Recall that last year, shortly after her marriage to a reported 'London based lover', Taiwo was quoted in an interview that actresses date foreign based guys because Nigeria based dudes only want to use and dump them because they are 'stars'.

Almost after that statement,, in an exclusive story, exposed just few of the real person her supposed foreign based husband is. We then reported that her said 'London-based hubby', Olayemi Abimbola, better known as Ogunre, lives in the Netherlands and not in London, as many were made to believe.

We then also reported that Taiwo's hubby cannot go to London because he doesn't not even have the necessary papers to enjoy the full benefits of a Dutch citizen after spending about 15 years in Holland. He was only granted a pardon to stay in the country by the Dutch authorities some years ago after spending more than 10 years in the country as an asylum seeker.

It was also in our story we reported that Ogunre, Taiwo's husband, already has two children for a Suriname woman in Holland.

But the latest gist reaching us, after doing our findings for some weeks now, is that Taiwo is allegedly stranded in London, where she recently gave birth to twins.

Her situation can be termed a 'Trigedy' and not 'tragedy' because she is battling a three-in-one mess.

As you read this, Taiwo is also allegedly battling to pay for the rent of her three bedroom apartment in Lagos. The landlord has allegedly threatened to eject her if she fails to pay by the end of November.

Her third problem is that her husband is allegedly broke at the moment, which is the reason he cannot send some cash to Taiwo in London to facilitate her return to Nigeria and also to pay the house rent.

A source divulged to us that Taiwo has been crying her eyes out and is now looking for a way to get out of her 'trigedy'.

We promised to serve you some hot and fresh gist about Taiwo and her hubby soon. Just grab a bag of popcorn and a cold drink while we do that soon.

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