Doom To Befall Nigeria—Duncan-Williams Prophesies

By RadioXYZOnline
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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has prophesied doom for Ghana's neighbours Nigeria and The Ivory Coast.

In a recent sermon which was played back on Radio XYZ's Christian programme 'Voice of Action' on Sunday, Duncan-Williams said: “…We have to start praying for Nigeria because spiritually, Nigeria is boiling”.

According to him, “even though it looks nice physically, something is going on. It's boiling”.

He also warned that: “We have to pray for the peace of La Cote D'Ivoire too. There's something going on there too. It's boiling undercurrent”.

The Christian Action Faith Ministries' Presiding Archbishop said intense prayers for the two neighbouring countries are important because Ghana's fate is tied to theirs.

Duncan-Williams revealed that: “…The Lord said to me, 'Son, if between now and the next six to seven months, something happens in Nigeria and 10 million Nigerians descend on Ghana, what will you do?'”

“That's why I started saying let's pray for Nigeria…so we have to start praying for the peace of Nigeria”, he noted.

As far as he is concerned, “even if one million Nigerians – my brothers and sisters from Nigeria – they step in Accra here, we are finished”.

“They'll swallow you up [and] you'll see where pepper lies…so we are in a very critical time and moment in the history of our nation. Anything could happen if we relax. We cannot relax. We cannot hold our peace. We can't give God and Heaven rest”, he warned.

“…'Let there be peace in Nigeria. Let there be peace in La Cote D'Ivoire. Let our borders be safe' Duncan-Williams prayed.

He feared an influx of Nigerian into Ghana to seek refuge could spell doom for the country.

“We don't even have enough to eat and drink, much more more people coming here…if you want to succeed in Ghana, pray for Nigeria”.