For $50 million I can act n^de---Amanda Ebeye

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Despite the obstacles she confronted at the beginning of her career, she never gave up. Today, Amanda Ebeye has become a star of countless movies and soap operas including Clinic Matters Everyday People, and Super Story. The Delta State-born model cum actress bared her mind to The Entertainer recently. Excerpts:

Tell us about you growing up, how was it like?

My growing up was blissful. I had the best mother and a caring father; I went to a very good school. They tried to give me everything so that I wouldn't lack. So, we are very comfortable.

That means you were born with a silver spoon?

Yes, I was much pampered; it was when I got into acting that I started experiencing hard times. I never had to hustle or struggle for anything. When I was growing up, I had everything I wanted at my beck and call. That's why my father never wanted me to work. They felt acting was a poor man's job, but I didn't understand the glamour behind television. I didn't know there was something more challenging and more difficult behind it. When I got into modeling I found out that it wasn't easy.

What did your mother tell you about sex?

All she ever said was 'don't have sex unless you are married'. To me, sex is not something special; you can have sex with anybody. It's something special that occurs between two people that are in love. It's a very special moment and something that always means a lot to them.

Are you in any relationship now?

No. I am waiting for the right guy. How long will that be? Well, I don't know because I am not God. I love kids and when its time, it will happen. Though, my mum says I should get married because I'm getting old. Marriage is really what's on her mind.

Does that mean you don't have a boyfriend?

Yeah, people have asked me that, I don't have a boyfriend.

How do you handle your male fans?

They are wonderful, they are the ones that keep me going, always very supportive. I love them and I handle them well.

Have you encountered any experience with sugar daddies?

Yes but I made them understand that I cannot date a man old enough to be my father. Sometimes I wonder how they get my phone number.

Is there anything you cannot do in a movie?

No. I can do everything because I am an actress.

Even if they say you should act nude?

For $50 million yes, I will do it. That's why I am an actress, everything you want me to do I'll do as long as you pay. For $50 million I can act nude. I respect my culture but people pretend a lot in Africa.

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